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Horoscope for 2019 on the signs of the zodiac


The new 2019 year according to astrologers promises to be favorable and fruitful. Unfortunately, it will not do without problems at all, but for many zodiac signs this period will become the starting point for a better life. Before, I didn’t particularly believe in horoscopes, but after last year’s predictions came true, I revised my point of view.

This time I decided to find out in advance what to expect from the upcoming year, which will be held under the auspices of the Pig, in order to meet him fully armed. In this article I will share with you the key aspects of the astrological forecast, and the horoscope for 2019 on the signs of the zodiac.

General forecast for 2019

In 2019, the Yellow Dog transfers the reins of government to a new patron, the yellow earth Pig (Boar). The next 12 months promise to be very favorable. They will pass calmly, measuredly, and without serious obstacles. The new mistress of the year is benevolent and fair, so first of all she will direct her strength to the resolution of conflicts, and not only interpersonal, but also interstate.
Significant changes in 2019 will occur in the lives of those people whose sign is Pig, aka Boar, according to the Eastern horoscope. They will find reconciliation in protracted conflicts, and will resume contacts with those with whom they have not communicated for a long time. It is not excluded the resumption of relations with former lovers, and the restoration of justice in controversial matters.

Yellow pig worry about the welfare of each person, so this year, many expect rapid progress in their careers and financial affairs. Thanks to the optimistic attitude and dedication, any problems will seem petty, and the obstacles will be easily overcome. But it should be noted that prosperity and success will come only to those who will act, and not wait for a miracle, lying on the couch. Many people will be able to accomplish their cherished dream, even if it previously seemed unrealizable.

2019 is a period of cardinal change. Someone will finally decide to change jobs or master a new profession, and someone will move to another country, and completely change the social circle. All plans are necessarily implemented, the main thing - to show courage, perseverance, and act decisively.

Since the yellow Pig is considered a loving animal, then in 2019 it will be permeated with romance, warmth and sincerity. During this period, many people will meet their true love, and decide to create a family. As for the long-established couples, a new stage will begin in their relationship. It should be noted that not everyone will be able to maintain their union, but nonetheless the couples will part on a "friendly note", and very soon will find new lovers.

For married people, in 2019, it is recommended that all forces be spent on strengthening family ties. This is especially true of those who have not been satisfied with their current position for a long time. Frivolous behavior and betrayal of the second half will lead to the disintegration of the family, and squandering and wasting money will lead to bankruptcy. In the new year, the Earth Pig strongly advises not to borrow money and arrange loans. You must try to improve your financial situation with your own work.

Horoscope for 2019 by signs

For each sign of the zodiac, the yellow Pig has prepared many surprises, and mostly good ones. To know what to expect from the next 12 months, you should read the individual forecast.


Aries in 2019 prepared fateful meetings and new perspectives. First of all, changes will occur in the professional and love sphere. They expect a sharp career takeoff and financial well-being. Things will go so well that in the middle of the year she will be able to realize old dreams. Aries will begin to travel, and in one of the trips an acquaintance will take place, which will soon be crowned with marriage.

In the year of Kaban, the health of Aries may be threatened, and if they do not immediately pay attention to the alarming symptoms, they will soon have to spend a large amount of money on the treatment of the neglected disease. It is recommended to start to strengthen your immunity in advance, and also not to forget about the mental state. Family members of the sign expects replenishment and pleasant efforts associated with the acquisition of new housing. It is necessary to have patience, and do not panic in the event of minor troubles.


Hardworking and purposeful Taurus finally begin to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The pig promises them a wonderful year, filled with pleasant surprises and unforgettable events. Advancement on a career ladder, new acquaintances and travels will absorb Taurus, therefore there will be no time to miss them. But because of the constant employment, they will rarely communicate with relatives, so in order not to lose contact with them, it is recommended to find time in your busy schedule.

Lonely Taurus in 2019 will find true love if they do not constantly doubt people and deliberate for a long time. That's just to marry in no hurry. Those who are in a legal relationship will be lucky enough to be parents at the end of the year. Many Taurus in the year of Kaban will finally be able to overcome bad habits and bring their bodies in order.


In 2019, the Twins will have to work hard, and not only hell with his career, but also with his character. Yellow Pig will give them the opportunity to achieve professional success, therefore, has prepared important contacts, business meetings and lucrative contracts. It is important for the twins to prove themselves on the good side, and to establish themselves as a responsible and purposeful employee.

Unprecedented success can turn the head of the representatives of this zodiac sign, and instead of further developing their career - they simply go on a spree. That's just the behavior will negatively affect the reputation. If you feel tired, then you better take a vacation, and spend it at sea, and then return to work with new forces. Creative individuals are encouraged to engage in the development of their talents, and not be afraid to show them to others.


In the new 2019, Rakov expects a lot of trouble and important things, so it’s worthwhile to prepare for them in advance, and more morally than physical. They will have a chance to advance in the professional sphere, but on the condition that they will work in a team, and not independently. This period is not suitable for the start of individual activities. Representatives of this zodiac sign will have many lucrative offers of cooperation, among which you need to choose the best option.

In the year of the Pig, Raku will have to try to relax, to make more contact with others, and not to be afraid to take the initiative. This is especially true of single individuals who dream of meeting a soul mate. Sociable and optimistic representatives of the Cancer sign will also be able to acquire useful connections that can have an important influence on their career.

a lion

With the arrival of 2019 for Lviv will begin a difficult and hectic period. First of all, they will have to deal with the accumulated affairs, and then they will need to carefully plan their plans for the next six months. And it is important to allocate in your schedule time to rest and chat with relatives, otherwise you can undermine your health and lose the support of loved ones.

Lonely Lions year Kabana prepared a fateful meeting, which will be held during the next business trip. Because of this person, they decide to radically change their lives, and even begin to think about moving to another city or even a country. But do not hurry, you need to carefully consider such an important decision so that later you don’t have to regret.


Virgos do not rarely give up unfinished business and take on new projects, but if they want to achieve something in 2019, they will have to move away from this trend. The first 2 months will be spent on cleansing old affairs, and only after that it will be possible to make plans for the future. In the spring, new acquaintances will appear, from whom Virgo will be "infected" with optimism and enthusiasm. In addition, they will help advance the career ladder, and by the end of the year representatives of this zodiac sign will have everything they could only dream of.

The Earth Pig will continue to support and pamper Virgos just as the mistress of last year did. But do not relax and lose vigilance, because no minor troubles will not do. Old sores can suddenly remind of themselves, if not to take preventive measures, and not to turn on the alarming symptoms. In addition, lonely Virgos need to think about personal relationships - romances with colleagues that can grow into something more are not excluded.


Year of the yellow earth Pig Libra will begin with the search for yourself. They want to change something in their lives, and the horoscope advises to try to discover creative talents in themselves. To reveal their potential and achieve colossal success will be possible only to those who will start to engage in an interesting business. Implement the plan conceived help new friends. As a result, representatives of this zodiac sign will feel their importance and relevance.

Lone Scales will find their happiness in the spring, and in the middle of 2019 they will raise the issue of living together. The second half will be the day of them a reliable friend and partner who will help to open up with a completely new side. In a whirlwind of exciting events, it is important for Libra not to forget about relatives, and try to arrange home “gatherings” as often as possible. Joint pastime will help not only to establish communication with loved ones, but also to strengthen mental health, which, due to constant turmoil, will begin to misbehave.


In the life of Scorpio in the year of the Pig will begin to gradually change, which will affect all areas. He will begin to work more diligently and, having seen a good result, will think about large-scale projects. Here you only need to take active steps in the summer, not in the spring. This period will be most favorable for the representatives of this zodiac sign.

In the midst of his career, Scorpio to meet with an interesting person who will push him to new achievements. In addition, they can start a romantic relationship. As for married Scorpions, by the end of 2019 they can become parents. New cares and responsibilities will take a lot of time, so you need to plan your work schedule in order to continue to develop professionally and devote enough time to the family.


In early 2019, Streltsov will be overwhelmed by longing for the past. To keep things from getting depressed, the Earth Pig recommends spending more time with relatives and friends. Their support and benevolence will help to tune in a positive way, thanks to which the representatives of this zodiac sign will decisively begin to put their lives in order.

Improve the financial situation will help the new job. The offer of profitable cooperation will come quite unexpectedly, and you should definitely agree to it. That's just to achieve great success Scorpio will have to learn how to perform its tasks gradually, and not grab at all at once. In addition, it will be important to be careful that for some representatives of the mark this will become a difficult task.


With the coming of the Year of the Pig, a bright period will begin for Capricorns, filled with new impressions and pleasant events. They will travel a lot, both for work and for personal matters. In the summer, the material situation will begin to improve, new promising acquaintances and proposals will appear. With maximum effort, in the fall, Capricorn will be able to occupy a high position or even become the owner of his own company.

In 2019, one should not forget about rest either, otherwise health problems will arise, due to which it will be necessary to move away from work duties for a while. Lonely representatives of the sign it is time to think about finding the second half. As for family Capricorns, they are recommended to spend more time at home and more often to indulge their loved ones with pleasant surprises.


For Aquarius, 2019 will not be easy, because already in the first days he will face troubles at work and in his personal life. In addition, old problems will remind you of yourself, which will have to be fixed in an emergency mode. All this affects the health and emotional state of Aquarius. To improve the situation, it is recommended to carefully consider a plan for further action, and begin alternately to deal with the heaping up affairs.

Selfishness and stubbornness prevent Aquarias from maintaining normal relationships with relatives and friends. In the Year of the Pig, they should reconsider their attitude towards them, and begin to behave more intelligently and loyally. In response, they will receive the necessary attention and support. In addition, by becoming a little softer, representatives of this zodiacal sign will be able to find a soul mate that will encourage him to develop professionally.


In 2019, Pisces will be able to achieve everything they want. Yellow Pig will assist in all undertakings, and reward unprecedented luck. Representatives of the sign expects rapid career growth, financial stability, popularity, travel and the attainment of personal happiness. They will gain confidence in their own abilities, and inexhaustible enthusiasm will appear.

Permanent employment can lead to health problems, and to avoid this, Pig advises not to forget about rest and proper nutrition. In the summer, be sure to go on vacation at sea, and not alone, but in the company of loved ones. During the trip, lonely Pisces will lead a romance that can develop into a serious relationship. Family representatives of the sign will now and then have friction with their loved one, and if you let it go, then it will end in divorce.