Dream interpretation

Strong prayer to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby


There are life situations when hands are lowered and it seems that there is nothing to hope for. Inability to get pregnant is a tragedy for a woman. When medications and doctors do not help, there’s only one hope left - faith in God.

For those who need help, I will talk about who to ask for support, how to properly prepare for prayers. In addition, I propose texts and videos of the most effective prayers for the birth of the successor of your kind.

What patrons pray for conception

  • The Lord our God
  • Holy Mother of God
  • St. Matronushka of Moscow
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker
  • Righteous Joachim and Anna
  • Rev. Alexander Svirsky (about the birth of a boy)
  • Holy Spirit
  • St. Xenia of Petersburg

How to prepare for prayer

  • Before uttering prayers about conception it will be useful to visit temples and holy places famous for their healing properties (Trinity and Zachatievsky monasteries are recommended, visiting the “Mountain of God” can help, the “Girl’s Stone” can help, the source of St. Anne gives hope.
  • Before you pray, you need to confess and take communion, it is desirable to observe the fast for 7 days.
  • It is better to say a prayer for pregnancy during ovulation. Texts of prayers need to be read many times, in cycles of 21 days.
  • For better concentration during prayer, you can use candles in front of the images.
  • During the prayer, the patron must apply not only on his own behalf, but also on behalf of his husband.
  • It is necessary to sincerely believe and have a sincere desire to conceive and give birth to a healthy child.
  • In no case do not pray in a bad mood and negative state of mind. You must be positive, negative energy can interfere with the sincerity of prayer.
  • Prayer must be read deliberately. You can write it on a piece of paper, but it is better to read by heart, it helps to better understand the meaning of the prayer.
  • No need to tell anyone that you are going to ask patrons for conception. You just need to believe that sincere faith and prayer will help you.
  • After reading the prayer, contact the patron, and ask about the conception and birth of a healthy child in your own words, coming from the depths of your soul.
  • There is no difference, read the prayer out loud or mentally. The main thing is sincere faith, it works wonders.

The strongest prayers for the conception and birth of a healthy child

Prayer to the Lord God

Prayers to our Lord are always considered the most effective. The Lord hears us and listens to all our problems. The Lord can protect us from bad weather, the main thing is sincere faith.

A married couple who asks God for a child should be cleansed from their sins and together open the heart to the Almighty. It does not hurt to hold a wedding ritual. A marriage blessed by the church is more pleasing to God.

Prayer to the Virgin

In the Orthodox tradition, the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is the patroness of women. She helps those who wish to become pregnant, and already carrying a new life in themselves. She is a protector and intercessor. Believers ask her about the health of the unborn child, and the welfare of the family.

Many icons of the Mother of God are known for their miraculous properties. Therefore, the prayers to the Virgin Mary are the strongest and most effective.

Prayer to the Holy Matron of Moscow

Matrona Moskovskaya was born into a poor peasant family, where she was the fourth child. Already the birth of a girl was preceded by miracles - the mother thought to give the unborn child to an orphanage, but shortly before the birth she had a dream - a bird with eyes closed and the face of a man.

The woman realized that God was stopping her from reckless action. And when a girl was born on November 10 (22), 1881 - she was blind, the dream was prophetic.

From early childhood, Matrona helped people with prayers. People in gratitude carried the products for the child, which the whole family used. At the age of 17, Matrona’s legs were lost. And after the revolution, she was homeless. The family, which prevented the faith of the saint, refused it.

For the rest of her life, Matrona was hiding, moving from place to place thanks to the believers who sheltered her and cared for her. Despite her frailty and unsettled life, Matrona constantly helped people with advice, predictions, healing.

And after death, miracles of healing take place. Matronushka helps those who are trying to conceive and give birth to a healthy child. Before prayer it is advisable to visit the relics of Matrona of Moscow and pray there.

Prayer to the Righteous Joachim and Anna

The holy righteous Joachim and Anna are considered traditional patrons and protectors of childless couples. This is due to the fact that they themselves have long been a childless couple.

When Joachim retired to the wilderness, an angel appeared to him with the news that his wife would give birth to a child. So it happened. And Mary, the future mother of Jesus Christ, was born to them.

Therefore, couples who want to conceive and give birth to a healthy child can turn to the righteous.

Prayer of Ksenia of Petersburg

Ksenia of Petersburg was canonized in 1988. There are no documentary data about her life, her date of birth is known approximately - from 1719 to 1730.

According to folk lore, which began to appear after the 1840s, Ksenia was married to Andrei Fedorovich Petrov, having the rank of colonel. After the sudden death of her husband became a holy fool.

She sacrificed her home, began to dress in men's clothes and called herself the name of her husband. She said to herself that Ksenia died.

According to legends, she gained the gift of foresight - predicted the death of Empress Elizabeth and Emperor John Antonovich. The houses she visited received blessings — nobody was ill in them, peace and well-being were established.

At the burial site of Xenia built a chapel, in which miracles happen. Believers go to this chapel with prayers for health, for the well-being of loved ones, for pregnancy.

You can pray for the conception of a healthy child in your own words. The main sincere belief in the possibility of the Divine Miracle.