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Characteristic love compatibility of the Dog and the Rooster according to the Eastern horoscope


Today they talk about love compatibility at every corner, they try to calculate it using dozens of ways, set them according to the signs of the Zodiac, and also using the Eastern horoscope. The last one I personally like the most, so I propose in the following material to consider a compatibility review in a pair of Rooster Dog.

Characteristics of compatibility between male Rooster and girl-dog

The couple is male-cock and female-dog is quite complicated and problematic. In it, both participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their intelligence, ease of communication and pride in each other. But not everything is so smooth - there are a lot of difficulties and pitfalls. About them we will tell further in more detail.

This pair does not exclude the emergence of mutual accusations or clashes of characters, because of which there are quarrels and conflicts. The life positions of the Rooster and Dogs are somewhat different, they rarely feel comfortable when they are together. But everything can be solved by adding relationships to harmony, if a more disinterested and rational woman-dog can pacify the male Rooster and she will give him the opportunity to enjoy her mind and abilities.

The rooster likes dominance. He seeks to "stick his nose" in the affairs of his faithful, and is also confident that he is wiser, stronger, and prone to suppressing the second half.

For her part, the woman-dog can quickly be bothered with this and she also seeks to demonstrate to the Rooster that she is right, but this only makes the latter more angry. A girl-dog, characterized by a calm and balanced disposition is difficult to understand the cause of anger of his faithful. For both participants of this pair, it is difficult to see the world from the position of its other half.

Even for the Rooster man, it is very difficult to accept the fact that the Girl Dog is not (in his opinion) a neat and tidy wife. In addition, it is somewhat inert and does not always support all his active ideas. Plus, he is very angry with her independence and independence. Roosters, by their nature, are terrible jealous and such behavior of the faithful suggests many suspicions.

The presence of so many differences between partners makes their relationship quite complicated. They will require significant effort to maintain their union.

To harmonize relationships, partners must stop thinking about their differences and focus on their similarities. In particular, they have a heightened sense of justice, personal unchangeable hard principles for which they win each other mutual respect.

I suggest you continue to familiarize yourself with the typical character traits of the Rooster and Dogs.

Rooster: what is his liking?

Male Rooster has a very bright, even unusual appearance. He rarely goes unnoticed, prone to charm and conquer others with his charisma. He himself enjoys being in the center of attention, for which he uses various methods (self-confidence, unusual clothing, eccentric behavior).

This representative of the stronger sex manages to impress others, so that there are always enough women next to him. And since he is also distinguished by natural gallantry, he is an interesting interlocutor, he can easily gain the glory of Casanova.

Speaking about the negative features of his nature, mention should be made of excessive criticism and a sharp perception of another point of view. The rooster believes so strongly in his rightness that he tries to convince everyone that only his views are in reality true and nothing else.

Almost no way to convince such a person. He is a born leader, likes to give commands everywhere to take a leadership position in any area of ​​life.

The choice of the lady of the heart for the Rooster is very serious, because most of the signs according to the Eastern horoscope do not suit him. He quickly loses interest in girls, because their original image is destroyed in his eyes.

Character traits girls-dogs

The girl, who was born in the Year of the Dog, has an attractive appearance, male consistency, very honest and straightforward.

Among other things, she is distinguished by a sufficiently developed compassion and mercy. Therefore, its habitat is not discos, but rather volunteer organizations. It is very hard for her to feel herself internally happy when various terrible events take place around her - wars, death of people.

The Girl-Dog is a loyal and devoted friend, always ready to be the first to help where it is needed. Differs simply endless sacrifice.

As for the opposite sex, in communicating with him, the Dog is distinguished by modesty and shyness. At the same time, there is no lack of male attention. Representatives of the stronger sex at the level of intuition understand that she will make an ideal wife and caring mother.

Characteristics of compatibility between male Rooster and girl-dog

A rooster always gets enough attention from the opposite sex. Girl-Dog is not an exception to the rule - she will also be passionate about them. Due to the constant desire of the Rooster to new adventures and begin their love story.

The man in this case is fascinated by the inner strength, loyalty and devotion of the Girl Dog. And they are united by boundless love for the kids, plus the presence of both remarkable business skills.

Both - and the girl-dog, and the male-rooster are distinguished by an enviable industriousness. They know what work is and how money is earned. Both want financial independence and their goal becomes a reality with some effort. In addition, the partners are very sincerely perceive others, for them sincerity is not an empty sound.

Exactly until the Rooster man comes up with the idea of ​​changing the Girl-Dog - harmony and mutual understanding will reign in the relationship. Unfortunately, the convergence of lovers can adversely affect their relationship, as it will increase the number of mutual quibbles.

The rooster will want to make more demands on his soulmate, he will begin to actively find fault with her. It’s basically easy for a dog to adapt to his faithful, but it will annoy her, which is fraught with tension in a pair.

In this union, there are always intractable contradictions that can adversely affect the relationship. For example, due to authoritarianism, the harshness of expressions, as well as the desire to impose their point of view, a woman-dog may become depressed. And the more often such difficulties arise, the sooner the relationship is at risk of falling apart.

And one more actual problem of the couple is partner betrayal and infidelity. Although the male Rooster and appreciates the family hearth, but easily led to the temptation and can change his beloved. And he acts as a terrible owner and can arrange his pious scene of jealousy even if there is no reason for them.

There is no reason for jealousy of the Rooster, because the Girl-Dog is distinguished by loyalty, but constant claims exhaust her and it is possible that she will go to someone else for consolation.

It is difficult for both partners to experience family troubles, which adversely affects their entire life in general. They face a decline in self-esteem and ability to achieve established goals.

Another of the popular problems of this union can be called the presence of different hobbies. For example, the Rooster guy is in vital need of cheerful companies and an interesting pastime, and the more modest girl-dog is much more comfortable in a quieter setting.

In addition, the representative of the sign Dog is prone to fall into a state of depression, which is not exactly the taste of the Rooster, who always keeps the fighting spirit. He constantly needs new stimulations to feel happiness and joy, and his girlfriend is not able to give him that.

Girl-Dog is irritated by the rooster's manner of constantly screaming and a tendency towards aggression. He makes too many demands to his faithful, and she is not able to perceive such things calmly, especially if he feels their complete injustice.

It becomes clear that the man-cock couple and the woman-dog are very problematic, especially in family life. However, do not be in a hurry to despair and immediately part - with the mutual desire to really cope with any life circumstances.

In case the Rooster boy starts giving his beloved one more time, she will feel happy. The partner will also need some effort: it is important for her to create such an environment in the home that the Rooster wishes to be at home after work as soon as possible and devotes her attention to her.

Overview of sexual compatibility of partners

As for the intimate compatibility of the male Rooster and the female Dog, it is an order of magnitude higher than everyday compatibility. Of course, at first the Dog will find it difficult to get used to the originality and extravagance of the Rooster male in sex, she will probably even be in a bit of a shock.

But if she starts to take into account his wishes - both partners can get real pleasure in bed. It should be noted that, in principle, in this union, the bed is a place that solves very many problems.

Despite this, it will be more difficult for them to comprehend the spiritual intimacy due to their emotional difference from each other.

Recommendations on how to improve relationships

You have already understood that a pair of male Rooster and female Dogs can hardly be categorized as ideal. It is difficult for partners to find a common language and mutual understanding, but if there is a strong desire to save the marriage, then you just need to make an effort in this regard. Remember that everything is real, there would be a desire. And for this it is important, first of all, to understand the character of a loved one, his habits and learn to mutual compromises.

In general, in this alliance, the first place is the ability to find a compromise and accept each other despite the presence of shortcomings. For the male Rooster, the main advice is to pay more attention to his orthodox, and also does not seek to change it.

The girl should take note of the increased domestic demands of the faithful and try to follow the cleanliness and order in the home. Yes, she will not be able to lie quietly on the couch reading newspapers, but her life in return will be filled with a kaleidoscope of various interesting events and emotions.

And this pair will be saved by the wisdom and support of the girl-dog. She should with great calmness perceive the cavils of her faithful, understand that his behavior is dictated only by the best motives. Then over time, he calms down a bit, replaces anger with mercy and assumes the role of a real head of family and a reliable companion of life. In general, in a family union, a girl’s behavior is very important. It is important that she did not seek to compete with her man, and also in no way ridiculed him. On the contrary, you need to become a source of inspiration for him, as well as adhere to the strategy of a soft, tactful and delicate direction.

In order to strengthen their union, both partners must de-emphasize their personal needs and focus more on the inner world of each other. To create a harmonious couple will require effort. Begin to eliminate your shortcomings and only if you constantly and hard work on yourself will the relationship become much better and calmer.

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