Dream interpretation

The value of the spider tattoo for girls, boys and prisoners


Attitudes towards spiders in society are mostly negative, but some people see this insect as something more, so they even decide to decorate their bodies with tattoos with his image. In different nations of the world this arthropod creation had positive associations. It can be seen in ancient writings and in rock paintings. But what is the significance of the spider tattoo in the modern world, and where it is better to place it, I will tell in this article.

Historical facts

From ancient times, spiders were assigned magical properties, and even called "the lord over the world", because his 8 legs was associated with the number of cardinal points. Almost every ancient people had a peculiar attitude towards these insects, which is mentioned in mythology and history.

  1. In Greece, the spider personified wealth, fertility and abundance. In addition, it is a symbol of skill, thanks to the ability to weave cobwebs.
  2. The Egyptians believed that this arthropod was the creator of the universe, and its web was nothing but threads of human life that slyly intertwined with each other.
  3. In ancient Rome, the spider was considered a good talisman from evil forces, and the keeper of the hearth. The Romans believed that the talisman with his image is able to give a person a good fate.
  4. For Christians, the spider was a herald of good news. The Bible mentions that it was the web of these insects that saved Jesus from death.

Despite the fact that in most cultures, spiders have a positive meaning, in the occult sciences and magic, the opinion of them is quite the opposite. This insect is associated with cruelty, cunning, secrecy. It also indicates the presence of dark magical powers. Evil sorcerers often use amulets with dried spiders or with their images.

Value in tattoo culture

A spider tattoo is most often “stuffed” by men, and not rarely in the form of a 3D drawing. In this way they emphasize their strength, dexterity and masculinity. The guy with the headdress of a spider is characterized as a stubborn and uncompromising person who puts personal interests and his opinion above all else. Such a person aspires to power, and wants everyone to prove their worth. Often similar images adorn your skin businessmen who are engaged in trade.

Girls decorate their bodies with spider tattoo much less often and, as a rule, choose sketches of small sizes. Such a pattern is suitable for strong personalities with a strong and persistent character. They always reach their goals, do not complain about life difficulties, and prefer to hide their emotions.

Making a tattoo in the form of a spider, girls want to emphasize the following character traits:

  • hard work;
  • honesty;
  • stealth;
  • desire for leadership;
  • propensity for cruelty;
  • selfishness;
  • cunning.

It should be noted that women who decide on a spider tattoo, not rarely have a hidden insult to men, and subconsciously wants to take revenge on them. Often in such cases, they place the image on the neck. If the insect flaunts on the foot or on the finger, then this may indicate that the girl seeks to be first in everything. Sly deceiving women who want to live at the expense of men make a tattoo in the bikini area.

Types of tattoo and their location

To give a precise definition of a tattoo, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the drawing itself and its location. The most common are the following sketches:

  1. Spider on the web - symbolizes the brutality, masculinity, strength and courage. The picture looks good on the shoulder, chest and back.
  2. Insect crawling upward - stubbornness, fearlessness, devotion. It is not rarely used as a talisman or talisman, which is able to endow a person with luck, confidence and dedication. If there is a web in the picture, it will symbolize wealth.
  3. Spider with a cross - emphasizes the faith of man in God, but on condition that an Orthodox cross is depicted on an arthropod. If the insect is sitting on a cross, then this means that such an individual has sins and doubts the existence of higher powers. A tattoo depicting a spider with a cross on the abdomen indicates the power, influence, and power of its owner.
  4. Cobweb - loyalty to their ideas and principles, rebelliousness and stubbornness. Can speak of his master, as an extraordinary, creative person, or indicate his passion for mysticism or drugs. This pattern is a talisman from evil influence, and brings good luck.

As for the location of the tattoos, their values ​​will be as follows:

  • brush - the desire to draw attention to his own person, a symbol of self-expression, leadership;
  • hand - indicates the desire of a person to become more industrious, neat, calm and confident;
  • finger - charm from damage and negative impact, gives its owner with endurance and confidence;
  • leg - emphasizes leadership, wisdom, steadfastness and hard work;
  • neck - helps to gain wisdom and tranquility, to develop willpower and confidence;
  • shoulder - indicates the aggressiveness and physical strength of the individual.

In tattoo culture, the value of a spider depends not only on the features of the image, but also on its color scheme:

  • black - wisdom, self-confidence, power;
  • violet, red - aggression, anger, inclination to violence;
  • brown, green - poise, calm, prudence;
  • bright, colorful image - originality, creativity.

Value on the zone

In the criminal world, the tattoo of a spider is quite common, but its interpretation is ambiguous. Often, such a pattern decorate your body thieves, and she points to their accuracy, cunning, dexterity. If an insect is depicted sitting on a web, then it is possible to say about such a person that he does not repent of his atrocities, and is more likely to return to his former life after his release. The prisoner, who decided to “tie up” with theft, “fills” the spider crawling down.

The authorities in the area can usually see the tattoo of a large tarantula, sitting in the center of the web, the number of circles which corresponds to the number of years spent behind bars. Each year a new web of threads is added. Also, an arthropod indicates an addiction of its owner to drugs, but in this case it is often entangled in cobwebs. In some countries, this insect may characterize a person as racist or skinhead prone to violence and cruelty.

Before you decide to do a spider tattoo, you should thoroughly examine its meaning, because even a minor detail can completely change the meaning of the image. It is better to consult with an experienced master, because he knows exactly what patterns should not be applied to the skin of a person without a criminal past, so that in the future he will not have problems in the future.