Dream interpretation

Dragon and Horse compatibility - chances are high


Compatibility of the Dragon and the Horse at a high level. These people are able to sincerely love each other, live together for many happy years. Not everything will always develop smoothly, but by common efforts they will be able to save love, no matter what.

Dragon Man and Horse Woman

This is the union of two strong character people who all their lives striving for power. Psychologists say that harmonious relationships in such a pair are impossible. Astrologers think differently and predict a happy future.

What is characteristic of this union:

  1. Both love to be in the spotlight, love to "play in public." They enjoy when they talk about them, discuss. Public opinion is never confused, even if people speak negatively about them.
  2. Together they will not be bored together. Relationships will be filled with bright events, emotions and impressions. The horse willingly becomes the organizer of the general leisure, and the Dragon is not against participating in any undertakings of the second half.
  3. The man is madly in love with the darling of a bright and busy life. He shares her desire to experiment and enjoy each moment together.
  4. The woman is completely fascinated by the strong-willed character of the partner. She is impressed by his sense of purpose, she sees in him a chosen one for a family and a long life together.
  5. The horse can become a real keeper of the hearth. She is a wonderful mistress, mother and wife. Able to create a home environment in which it is always nice to return. The man, in response, does his best to make her and the children happy.
  6. Excellent between them and sexual compatibility. Intimate relationships are also a bright part of their life, in which emotions always boil and there is an opportunity to show a violent temperament.
  7. The main thing for them is not to violate each other’s personal boundaries, not to control them, and leave their partner’s right to freedom. It is extremely important for both of them to have a private space in which no one will have access.

They will enjoy each other’s company for many years and build happy relationships full of love and harmony. But it is necessary to limit freedom, as the relationship will be perceived as a burden.

Horse Man and Woman Dragon

For a man, this girl will always be beautiful and mysterious. He will never reveal all sides of her personality, it attracts and intrigues him. He is absolutely fascinated by the grace, appearance and natural grace of his chosen one.

What is characteristic of this union:

  1. This relationship is not the most simple, but they can be long and happy if both try to save love.
  2. A man will have a long and hard to seek the location of the chosen one. But he will act ahead, because he feels - the result of his efforts is worth it. Having achieved, he will always admire her and appreciate her.
  3. The girl will always be for the elect unread book. Every day he will be able to find in it all new qualities, so attractive for him. Due to this, even after many years of marriage, a man truly loves his chosen one. His feelings are never less.
  4. The girl is attracted to the partner diligence, reliability and responsible approach to life. They understand that it will be difficult for children to find the best husband and father. She appreciates his masculine personality traits and infinitely respects him for his strong and purposeful character.
  5. Both partners are goal-oriented individuals who are used to getting what they want at any cost. Therefore, together they can achieve great success, take place materially and fly up the career ladder. Together they build all new, ambitious and bold plans that are easy to implement.
  6. As in the previous version, it is important for partners to appreciate and respect each other’s personal space. They absolutely can not restrict the freedom of a partner, trying to control and educate him.
  7. This pair of two easy-going people. They can just get together and move to another country or city for permanent residence, even if they didn’t even think about it yesterday.

A man will have to earn well, because the Dragon girl loves to spend money on self-care, shopping and entertainment. If the income is not enough, quarrels will begin and both may give up on love.

general characteristics

Horses are talented personalities. They love to improve and improve everything around, they are able to create real masterpieces. And the fruits of their labor are shared with the chosen one. Dragons, on the contrary, are more practical, hardworking. They will not soar in the clouds, and find opportunities for practical application of their skills.

The horse is accustomed in a relationship to be completely surrendered to a partner. But it is important that their interest does not fade, it must be constantly maintained. Otherwise, the flared passion will quickly fade away and the inevitable gap will happen.

It is important for dragons to be appreciated out loud, constantly praised and paid tribute to their efforts. The dragon needs to take into account this feature of the partner, if they want to maintain harmony and love.

Both natures are purposeful, have a strong and strong-willed character, which allows them to easily achieve success and realize even the most ambitious plans.

Union cons

There are negative points that are important to consider:

  • The desire to surpass the partner in everything can bring a lot of trouble to the relationship. They need to stop the struggle for leadership, if they want comfort, peace and harmony.
  • Both are not very tuned to long-term relationships at the very beginning. Only strong and sincere feelings will make them think about something more serious.
  • For children, they also do not have much traction. They are sure that first you need to achieve material stability, to provide the rear, which is very reasonable. But for this reason, they come to the idea of ​​a child rather late.

Even in the most favorable pair there can be a place for quarrels. But if the partners understand the true cause of the conflicts and decide it, everything will turn out well.