Dream interpretation

The meaning of the name Irma for women


Disputes about whether the fate of a person and the formation of his character influences how he is called are a long time ago. Know the meaning of the name Irma will help navigate the correct choice for future parents. It is relatively rare in Slavic peoples, more often in Germans, Balts. You can meet a girl Irma in the Caucasus or in Georgia.
Regarding the origin, there is a legend that it takes its sonorous name from the male Irmin, so it was called one of the Germanic gods of antiquity. Another version - in the sense of "universal, fair."

Consonant and related forms

Extremely rarely used ancient variants:

  • Irmheld,
  • Irmtraut
  • Ermin,
  • Irmgard,
  • Hermione
  • Ermina (feminine).


  • Irmochka
  • Irmulya
  • Irmushka
  • Immy
  • Irmenka

Namedays are not celebrated, as the name is considered pagan. At baptism, you can choose a consonant, or pick up the day of the ceremony.

In other languages

Almost all European nations have the same spelling and pronunciation of the name Irma: Irma.

The version for international passport is: IRMA.


The carrier of the name is distinguished by pride and independence. She never misses, always in motion. She is characterized by the desire to overcome all sorts of obstacles, to experience stress. For such qualities, sports are very suitable from early childhood. Taking up the business little Irmochka almost always brings it to the end with great success.

Given that the names of the ancient Germanic origin are tough and harsh, this also leaves its mark on the character. Often in old age the lady becomes grumbling at best, and at worst - grumpy. Even at retirement age she will crave leadership. If someone ignores her, then from the woman’s side one can expect the most cruel acts.

Negative qualities include arrogance, sometimes unjustified. She does not take the arrogance of assertiveness. Thanks to them, she is able to quickly move up the career ladder. With the team, as a rule, there are conflicts and misunderstandings.

Soft girl is only with a very narrow circle of favorites. Society does not pull her; she feels quite alone. Therefore, a small number of people can see Irma soft and affectionate. However, she does not need society too much and is having a great time alone. Any offense, even the most insignificant, is not forgotten. At any time, a woman is capable of revenge. However, she can sometimes be generous to her opponent, but she will never communicate with him.


The owner of such a big name can not have a normal, measured life. It is open to transformation and is directed upwards. She is destined to lead, even a very small group of people. Even if she doesn’t realize herself as a boss in life, the lady strives to transfer her strength to her family. There she turns in full force, if she gets a compliant partner. Otherwise, the relationship does not add up, and the woman easily breaks them.

There is a high probability of spending her old age alone, because excessive pride does not add friends to her, and her family always seeks to minimize communication. With good luck, reaches decent heights in business or service. In a bad scenario, it can become hardened and take the wrong path, where it will also strive for power and domination.

Various characteristics

  • Primary color is blue.
  • Plant - rose, wild rose.
  • Animal totem - magpie, jay.
  • Zodiac sign - Aries
  • Stone - onyx.
  • The patron planet is Mars.

All sides of life

Professions and society

Character is fully consistent with the image of a modern leader. Copes with the coordination of other people. Tasks clearly sets that are necessarily performed. Does not enjoy much love among colleagues, but always respected.

If fate decreed otherwise and Irma did not succeed in becoming a boss, then the best option for her is freelancing, where she herself manages her working time and plans the amount of work. As a business woman, a woman can also succeed in everything successfully, she has an enviable instinct, she finds her niche correctly. Able to cope with great competition.

Personal life, family

Natural arrogance can not help but hinder the girl in communication with guys. Her confidence scares off potential boyfriends. If, nevertheless, there is a daredevil who managed to get a woman, then Irmulya is revealed from the best side. She is a wonderful wife and mother, her house is always cozy. Due to its concentration, it is able to turn housing into a paradise.

With the spouse will live for a long time on condition that reins of government will be in its strong handles. She needs a compliant man who can quench a quarrel, and there will be plenty of them with Irma. For Irma, love is first of all deeds, and for her part she adheres to this principle rigorously.


The girl is characterized by increased activity, she is fidget, sometimes capricious, easily excitable for all sorts of trivia. It can be followed for months by colds, allergies.
In adulthood, there may be problems with the airways and lungs. Often there can be nervous breakdowns, especially at a later age.

According to another version, human health is iron, and life is long and fruitful, provided that the path of sporting achievements has been chosen.

Famous faces and characters

The owners of this name have left their mark in the history of the development of society.

Interesting! The name Irma is loved by the representatives of creative professions, naming their goodies to them.

  • Hermione (Irma) is the beautiful child of Menelaus and Helena, the Spartan princess, the beloved of Orestes, the daughter-in-law of Achilles.
  • Winx Irma - cartoon heroine of the children's popular TV series.
  • Irma Sokhadze - singer (USSR, Republic of Georgia), is known since childhood as a song about a giraffe.
  • Irma Vitovskaya (1974) - actress (Ukraine).
  • Irma Pins - a character from the books about G. Potter.
  • Irma Mullonen is a famous linguist (Russia).

There are also sharply negative personalities, but their units. Women are creative, loving, making discoveries and benefiting society much more.