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Aquarius Horoscope for January 2018: important events and recommendations


By their nature, Aquarius is cheerful, friendly and cheerful, and it is such individuals in 2018 that the Yellow Dog will favor. Their positive attitude or that no one can break. The first month of the new year will be held in an exceptionally positive way - the initiatives will be successful, the feelings will be mutual, and the news will only be good. Horoscope Aquarius on January 2018 The year heralds an improvement in the quality of life, an increase in social and financial standards

General horoscope

From the first days of 2018, positive changes will start to occur in the life of Aquarius, and they will affect all spheres - work, relationships, family and health. For them, in the literal and figurative sense, all doors will be opened, therefore, wherever they turn, you can count on support and approval. Some representatives of this zodiac sign will decide to go abroad. Initially, the trip will be related to work, but in the future they will nevertheless decide to move there for good.

The love sphere will be very rich and diverse, but Aquarius should not focus on building their personal lives, because it can hurt a career. In addition, in January it is necessary to find time for internal development, for example, enroll in self-improvement courses, read more, start learning a new craft, find an interesting hobby. Also this month is suitable for traveling, chatting with relatives and friends.

Despite the positive trends in January, some Aquarius will face unforeseen circumstances. A sudden turn can disrupt well-thought-out plans, but do not panic and lose composure - the situation will soon improve, and as suddenly as it arose.

Health horoscope

In January, Aquarius will be energetic and active, which will help him realize all his plans in a short time. Nevertheless, the stars recommend caution in cold weather - you should dress more warmly in order not to catch a cold, and in case of icing you need to have non-slip shoes, otherwise the probability of damaging the spine or limbs is high. It is also important to pay attention to immunity, because it affects the general state of health. If there are bad habits, then you should try to get rid of them.

Strengthen health and increase the body's resistance to negative effects will help the following:

  • playing sports - jogging, swimming, charging, visiting the gym;
  • relaxing treatments - massage, yoga, meditation;
  • walking in the fresh air;
  • limiting the time spent at the computer and watching TV;
  • exclusion from the diet of "harmful" products - fatty, fried, smoked, sweet;
  • avoiding alcohol and smoking.

The mood of Aquarius in January will be changeable, perhaps disturbing memories will pop up, but you should not dive into them - you must be able to let go of the past. Otherwise, there will be a depression, because of which all things will go wrong. To maintain an optimistic attitude, it is recommended to limit communication with people who constantly complain about their lives and impose their problems. Representatives of this zodiac sign should get a pet, especially those who live alone.

Finance and career

Diligence, initiative and perseverance is what the Yellow Dog appreciates. Having shown these qualities, Aquarius will be able to quickly climb the career ladder and gain financial independence. It is important to remember that dubious adventures that promise to get rich quickly will be crowned with ruin. January is suitable for long-term prospects, therefore it is better to conclude long-term contracts that will bring good dividends in the future.

Aquarius are prone to squandering, because of which their financial situation leaves much to be desired. Having received a salary, they can spend it to the last penny, absolutely not thinking about what they will live on. The horoscope recommends that you start planning your budget and spend money wisely, otherwise you may get bogged down in debt. The most unfavorable days in the financial sphere will be January 14, 17 and 23. These days you cannot make large purchases, invest money and enter into contracts.

Stars advises Aquarius to find a side job, start their own business or take up an interesting hobby, which, of course, will soon begin to make a profit. Hobbies will help reveal talents, be realized as a person, and bring composure. The chosen hobby can quite develop into a profitable business.

Love and family horoscope

In January, many Aquarius will find their soul mate and create a family. Love will come even to those who deliberately did not seek to find it, but were absorbed in completely different things. Stars are advised to more often trust their intuition in matters relating to personal relationships, in order to understand whether to link their lives with this or that person.

Love adventures and adventures await Aquarius born between January 21-30. Nevertheless, one should keep the sobriety of mind and not allow stupid, reckless acts. Those who are already in a relationship, you need to look at your partner, and once again carefully think about whether to go with him to the registrar if it is better to wait.

Aquarius, born in the period 01/21/9/02, possess natural magnetism, so they easily make new acquaintances that develop into romantic relationships. But in January 2018, you should not be scattered and flirt with everyone you meet, especially for those who have a loved one.

The greatest charisma and attractiveness have Aquarius, born February 10-19. They can win the favor of any member of the opposite sex. In January, such Aquarius can finally meet their fate. But it is important to remember that in the first month of 2018, the full moon is expected on the 2nd and the 31st, and these days it is better to avoid dating and dating.