Dream interpretation

Alikhan: the meaning of this eastern name, the fate and character of the carrier


Someone associates this name with the personality of a military leader, someone - with sports. In any case, it seems very strong and courageous. But do esoterics consider him so?

Meaning and etymology of the name

  1. Arab version of origin. This is one of the versions of the popular name Ali. It means "great" or "high."
  2. Turkic version. In this case, the name stands for "the majestic Khan", "the great ruler."

It gives a middle name: Alikhanovich (Alikhanych), Alikhanovna.

For friends and relatives he: Alikhanchik, Alikhanych, Ali, Khan.

Similar varieties from other cultures: Alejandro (Spain), Alexander (European countries).

What character gives the?

Positive traits: this is an idealist. Of course, this quality does not always benefit him, but the guy every day is ready to see only the good in the people and circumstances surrounding him. And besides, he is genuinely surprised to learn that someone is not a perfectionist and in his life "and so will do." According to Alikhan, everyone should strive for the ideal.

He is amorous, easily attached to people, a good friend. He is also appreciated for his ability to empathize. He is also very punctual and obligatory.

Weak traits: he is often too picky about his friends, relatives (even if those and so climb out of their way to please him).

He may dress very unintelligible, which would create a problem if, on duty, Khan would have to look presentable. Convenience is the only thing he appreciates in clothes.

Sometimes he (and it will be a surprise even for those who know him) may decide on a frivolous act, and then “rake” for a long time because of it.

This is how Ali's fate changes.

  • Childhood. This is a kind, slightly blushing at the sight of someone else's aunts and uncles baby. In the kindergarten, he may be offended, because he lacks decisiveness (but this is a “profitable” trait, and later it will manifest itself in the character of Alikhan). He is diligent. If mother asks, he will not refuse her help. The only thing: he does not give in to frank orders, he must be asked affectionately and "from afar."
  • School. This is an independent boy, he does not like to take help and is very proud of himself if he can do everything with his own hands. He is good and the more he likes the subject, the better the boy’s grades. Especially good are his exact sciences.
  • Youth. The guy is very hardy. If he goes in for sports, he will succeed, because he will be ready to endure any hardships for the sake of victory.
  • Mature years. This self-confident, able to achieve the planned man. He likes to talk, during communication is overly expressive; but to listen to other people's reasoning is not entirely to his liking. He does not like criticism, although if it is constructive, he will listen to it.

Astrology and esoteric

  • Ideal sign of the zodiac: Capricorn (birth from December 22 to January 20).
  • The color of the name: red (maximum saturated), purple, as well as white and blue (faded, dull shades).
  • A heavenly body with special patronage: the planet Venus.
  • The stone in the hands of this guy is turning into a talisman: carnelis (pictured above).
  • Metal name: iron.
  • The day of the week, which is considered the most successful: Tuesday.

Name day: they are not, because Alikhan is not a Christian, but a typically Muslim name.

Here is how a carrier of a given name acts in different life situations:

  • Love. This is a charming romantic who knows how to pick up the key to any girl's heart. Falling in love, this guy flies on the wings, feeling as alive as possible. However, harsh "stones of life" can kill his feeling. At first, he breaks with his beloved easily, but then he remembers her for a long time and suffers.
  • Family. He is looking for a wife for a long time, and some relatives are already beginning to think that this is a born bachelor. But then he finally "ringed", and it turns out that this is a husband, what people to look for. He is a typical "all in the family", if desired, he can fix the furniture and sit with the children (whom he adores). It is interesting to observe the contrast: at work, he fiercely glaring with his eyes, screaming at a careless assistant, and at home with affection he drinks tea with a baby daughter from toy cups.
  • Job. Alikhan is a careerist, who adores to lead. It is difficult to be his subordinate, but this work will be very productive.
  • Disease. His health is more or less strong. Two problems can shake him: constant exhaustion and "nerves", that is, strong experiences (including anger or envy).

With which woman to build a family, and with what business will end the gap?

Excellent compatibility: Alyona, Arina, Alexandra, Angelina, Veronika (and Vera too), Barbara, Daria, Eve, Elizabeth, Irina, Christina, Camilla, Margarita, Marya, Olesya, Olga, Polina, Svetlana, Sofia. With some of the women listed (namely, Vera, Daria, Camilla, Sophia), Alikhan can have not only close intimate, but also quite successful business cooperation.

Average compatibility: Anna, Alice, Alina, Amina, Victoria, Vasilisa, Diana, Dariya, Zlata, Natalya, Nadezhda, Maria, Miroslava, Tatiana, Taisiya, Uliana, Yana. Numerologists warn: with three of these women it is better not to have money, professional affairs. Namely: business relations of Ali and Natalia, Tatiana, Taisia ​​are doomed to failure.

Bad relationship: it is interesting that numerologists do not name the names of women who do not fit this man at all.

Namesakes, thanks to which the name Alikhan sounds not only beautiful, but also proud

  1. Alikhan Bukeikhanov (1866-1937) - a journalist, public figure from Kazakhstan.
  2. Alikhan Chokin (1925-1996) - a physician from Kazakhstan. Hygienist, historian of medicine.
  3. Alikhan Dzharbulov (1955) - Kazakh, one of the highest military commanders of his country.
  4. Alikhan Samedov (1964) - a musician from Azerbaijan. Lives and works in Turkey.
  5. Alikhan Vakhayev - Russian hand-to-hand combat athlete.

And at the end we give some wonderful, unforgettable minutes. You will hear a piercing and charming balaban (an instrument that looks like a duduk, a sopilka or a pipe) by Alikhan Samedov. Bright, original oriental music, which can not be loved!