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Compatibility of Virgo and Leo - a novel without a future


Compatibility of Virgo and Leo can not be called favorable. These signs have different parities in the zodiacal table, and the earth and fire elements do not fit well together. Astrologers describe this union as envy in the guise of love. Consider more.

Compatibility in love

The characters of the Virgin and the Lion are radically different. They are two opposites that are difficult to get along with. But they can become good friends if they don’t climb to build love.

If they still decide to start a relationship, then feelings do not come immediately, the partners fall in love with each other gradually. At first they are friends, and then the support and dedication of the partner begins to seem something more.

What is characteristic of the relationship of this zodiac pair:

  1. Astrologers believe that the union of Leo and Virgo will not last long. Such an opinion is not without reason. A lion is a holiday person for whom constant communication is important, to be in the center of attention and receive a lot of emotions. He leads the chaos around him and squander all the money he earns.
  2. Virgo is more calm and rational nature. She comes close to new people, is extremely selective in choosing friends and mates. Prefers in companies to be in the shadow, to be a spectator, and not an organizer.
  3. Virgo loves order in everything, but she is very kind to money. He knows how to earn, save. She appreciates the rational approach in everything, and Leo's wastefulness annoys her.
  4. They have common goals. Both strive for wealth, social realization and value in people a businesslike approach to everything.
  5. If they remain friends, this is the best relationship. They will always find common topics for conversation, proposals for cooperation with mutual benefit. Tastes coincide in clothes and pastime.
  6. A couple can survive for a long time if Leo becomes the brain of relationships and the generator of ideas, and Virgo is a talented and rational performer, ready to give power and put the responsibility for making global decisions on the partner. At the same time, she can gently, imperceptibly and unobtrusively lead Leo, directing his irrepressible fiery energy in the right direction.
  7. Virgo is well able to adapt and adapt. If her feelings for Leo are strong enough, she will do this by pushing her jealousy and possessiveness into a corner. This will allow the relationship to be calm enough, because they will not restrict the freedom of Leo and prevent him from performing feats.
  8. Leo must become a breadwinner and a strong partner who will solve problems and make money. If Virgo realizes that the relationship is beneficial for her, and the satellite is quite promising, the couple will be together for a long time.
  9. In Leo the Virgin is attracted by his manners, vigor, sense of humor. He dilutes her dull and gray life with bright emotions, shows how positive and rich you can live.
  10. Here is the truth about love in this pair can not speak. The partners will be united more likely not by strong feelings, but by habit, benefit and ability to negotiate, sometimes stepping on their own principles.

Well, if they are united by some common cause that can bring financial benefits to both. Then, scoring on feelings, they will be able to build a good and strong union based on friendship and cooperation.

Causes of conflict

The difference between the elements and temperaments - the main cause of conflict in a pair of Virgo and Leo. They often do not develop in relationships, but degrade, showing negative traits of their character in all their glory.

What you should pay attention to in a relationship in order to avoid quarrels or successfully overcome them:

  1. Virgo tends to envy its more successful partner. She thinks that everything is easy and easy for Leo, which makes her angry and puzzled. She is very subtle and competently provokes Leo to show all his complexes and internal problems.
  2. Leo shows his negative sides in relations with the Virgin in all its glory: it is both egoism and tranquility, and the fact that he thinks that the whole world revolves around his royal persona.
  3. When Virgo succeeds, Leo becomes depressed. In the opposite situation, his companion is jealous and angry. They do not know how to rejoice at each other’s achievements and strive to show their superiority by all means.
  4. If Lev shows his weakness and begins to complexes, Virgo will quickly become disillusioned with him and begin to look for a new partner, before he has finished the relationship. It is very important that she learns to restrain her criticism, less tantalizing and giving the partner more warmth and tenderness.

The decision to end the relationship takes most often Deva. She considers her companion insufficiently worthy of her attention, disappointed, and leaves in a far from perfect moment.

Virgo Woman and Leo Man

A man in this relationship will suppress his chosen one. He is too selfish, self-confident and loves only himself. And his desire to burn life and have fun at the limit of opportunities will sooner or later push away a woman.

She seems to him very withdrawn, cold, because of what he cannot open up completely and show his feelings in all its glory. Because of this, problems may arise in sex and there will be no spiritual intimacy.

Their relationship is for the fire flashing for a while, then the glowing embers that are about to go out. It is better for them to forge a business partnership, rather than trying to build love.

Virgo man and woman Leo

A man will immediately feel that an unpredictable, charismatic and bright girl will not pay attention to him. And this is true, because next to her she sees a man stronger and more confident than a soft Virgo.

But if he falls in love strongly enough, he will try to do everything possible to achieve reciprocal feelings. If she manifests herself quite brightly, she will reciprocate.

But the relationship does not last long. The girl will harass the chosen one flirt with other men. She needs a man's admiration, and he will be endlessly jealous.