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The characteristics of the name Louise - fate, compatibility and character


Louise is the female name of French origin, derived from the male name Louis, also common in France. According to linguists, the meaning of the name Louise is "Glorious Warrior". In childhood, this is clearly manifested in her character - on the whole, a raised and obedient girl can suddenly protest to her parents when the mood changes.

Periodic flashes of stubbornness and willfulness will accompany her throughout her childhood. Complicating the situation is the fact that a girl named Louise is quite touchy. It endures failures hard and painful, however with age it smoothes out as it becomes more resistant.

Often noticeably ahead of their peers in intellectual development, due to which in their company becomes the leader - they ask her for advice and listen to her. However, her position is such a position, and she agrees to try on this role for herself only occasionally, due to her great mood or need.

The girl bearing this name is creatively gifted. If she makes efforts to develop her potential, there is a great chance that great success will await her in her creative work. The main thing - do not bury the existing talents in the ground.

Variations of the name Louise

The etymology of this name is incredibly complex and confusing. Especially when you consider that the original name of Louis in itself has already taken place on behalf of Louis, which, in turn, is a form of the Frankish name Hodvig.

Abbreviated versions of the name Louise are as follows: Lisa, Louise, Lou, Liseig, Lula, Lila, Isa, Louis, Lolo.

This female name has many synonyms: Luigia, Louise, Lois, Luviz, Luigina and others.

About the character of Louise

Of the most attractive features of the character of the bearer of this name, it is worth noting that in any, even the most terrible situation, she tries to preserve honor and dignity by all means. Surrounding people treat her with respect, noting her honesty and sincerity.

Also, a girl named Louise is beautiful, has a sophisticated intelligence and resourcefulness, early in learning to think and act independently.

Her periodic outbursts of anger and irritation look less attractive in the eyes of people around. It may also be unduly suspicious, seeing its competitors and competitors around. In competition, it is generally capable of much - the constant treating of competitors, the humiliation and public exposure of flaws.

In general, Louise is proud and impulsive. Objectively aware of their own shortcomings, but tries to submit themselves in a favorable light. Such thinking sometimes pushes her to commit extraordinary actions, which later have to regret.

Louise is soft and kind with her friends. Fully revealed in love and immersed in it headlong. All other life spheres are fading into the background. However, it may take a long time to find the object of her love.

The fate of Louise

This woman is destined to be charming and hardworking. Surrounding people will always be pleased to interact with her, because she will have many friends and a few loyal friends.

She does not aspire to career heights, however she likes comfortable living conditions, and therefore will be a very responsible and executive worker. Let not in a managerial position, but in good standing and with a decent salary, which will not allow to experience need.

Different name characteristics

Louise tries to create the impression of a successful woman that cannot be broken. However, in the depths of his soul he is sadly experiencing his own defeats. If Louise spoke to you about her own troubles, you became a person close to her.

  • Planet patron - Proserpina;
  • Stone mascot - aquamarine;
  • Tree mascot - lilac;
  • Plant mascot - lilac flowers;
  • Animal-mascot - waxwing;
  • Zodiac sign - Virgo;
  • The color of the name is lilac.

Girls named Louise do not celebrate birthday parties, since it is not on the list of Catholic or Orthodox Christians.

Different aspects of life

For the girl bearing this name, in a romantic relationship, the main thing is sincerity and romance. The inner world of a man is also important for her - she pays no less attention to him than to external data. She will never associate her fate with an uninteresting and superficial type.

Also of great importance to her is the power of the senses. Never marry according to the calculation or for the sake of profit - she is able to follow only the dictates of the heart. Married is true - not capable of flirting with other men, not looking for new acquaintances, working on current relationships.

From her it turns out an excellent hostess, who knows how to do everything at home. Louise keeps order in the house, coziness and comfort for all households, as pleasant living conditions are very important for her.

The mother comes out of her rather strict, however, while caring and understanding. Her children grow up to be worthy people who respect parents and seniors as a whole, accustomed to all social norms.

This woman has all the necessary skills to start her own business. If she chooses a career, she will make an excellent TV presenter, a public figure, a diplomat or a model.

Male Name Compatibility

The most complete force of feelings awaits Louise in relations with such men as: Andrei, Gabriel, Nikita, Taras, Alexander, Fedor.

With Gabriel, Nikita, Andrei and Alexander, Louise also expects a strong bi-long-lasting marriage, full of harmony and mutual understanding.

Not the best marriage alliance awaits her in a pair with such men as: Albert, Anatoly, Eugene, Georgy, Savely, Anton, Victor, Bogdan, Stanislav, Yaroslav.

Famous women with this name

Among the bearers of this name you can meet many well-known prominent personalities. Among them is Louise Rainer - German actress, twice received the Oscar. Louise Dresser is an American actress. Louise Noskova - Olympic champion, biathlete.