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Ophiuchus - the thirteenth zodiac sign, the characteristic of man


Ophiuchus is the most ambiguous sign, about which there is a lot of controversy. Not all astrologers recognize its existence. Let's try to understand the meaning and characteristics of the Ophiuchus in more detail.

Is your zodiac sign an Ophiuchus?

Information about the Ophiuchus appeared in mass sources not so long ago. The news that the signs of the Zodiac are now thirteen, agitated the entire astrological community and caused much controversy.

The former Sagittarius are most worried: they don’t know if their sign has changed, and how this change affects their lives. Dates of Ophiuchus fall between November 29 and December 17. If your date of birth falls on this period, respectively, the 13th sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus, refers to you.

Due to the new symbol, cardinal changes took place in the usual zodiacal system. Now all dates of birth and signs are shifted. But many astrologers refuse to accept change and continue to use conservative methods. So you can do it.

Where did the 13th sign of the zodiac come from?

All familiar to us signs of the zodiac personify inanimate objects or mythical creatures. Ophiuchus distinguished himself in this. The prototype of the sign is a real person, Egyptian Imhotep, who lived before our era and successfully healed people.

The knowledge of the serpenthos were safely forgotten, and in the 1970s, astrologer Stephen Schmidt again recalled the thirteenth sign. But his idea did not receive support, so it remained in non-existence for many years.

Not all astrological schools recognize the existence of the cochlea. So, for example, in Indian astrology, one of the oldest in the world, the signs of the zodiac remain - 12.

Character of the Ophiuchus Man

Each sign of the zodiac has its own characteristic: these are traits of character and behavior by which you can easily distinguish the representative of the sign in the crowd. Ophiuchus is no exception.

Here are its characteristics:

  1. Very wise During life, constantly absorbs new knowledge, strives to improve, to change everything around in a positive direction. For world peace, does not tolerate conflicts and clashes. It is pleasant and easy to communicate with him.
  2. Luck and luck accompany him in everything. One has only to want - and the desire comes true. The power of thought, coupled with the lasting positive together create a powerful energy charge, thanks to which Ophiuchus always achieves what he wants, without much effort.
  3. Loves to dream. But these are rather not abstract wandering in the clouds, but clear plans and visualization of the desired result. Perhaps this trait is the reason for the success of Ophiuchus in achieving any, even the most courageous goals.
  4. May work as an architect and builder, because he likes to transform the surrounding space, to be a sort of Creator. If professional activity is far from this, then it will definitely be associated with creativity.
  5. She likes to dress in bright, defiant outfits, that is why she is visible from afar. Loves brands and seeks to follow the fashion. Style and quality are very important because they increase the status of Ophiuchus.
  6. Often has a bright musical talent, but does not realize it. Think about it if your sign is Ophiuchus. You might want to attend vocal lessons or go to a music school.

He is creative in solving any problems. Searches for and finds creative solutions that no one else would have thought of.

Positive traits

The positive qualities that distinguish Ophiuchus among all others should be considered separately.

What good can you say about him:

  1. Positive and joyful most of the time. His jokes are heard now and then. Can encourage anyone, even the most sad or upset person. Able to quickly and very competently find an approach. Peacemaker, able to calm the quarrel so that the warring parties will be satisfied.
  2. Sincere and honest. Unlike those who like to imprison Streltsov, Ophiuchus is very straightforward. A lie for him is something out of the ordinary, he will never go against moral principles and will not deceive. Accordingly, it is very sensitive to dishonesty towards him.
  3. Open to change, can not tolerate routine and routine. Habitual, recurring everyday life, Ophiuchus quickly get bored, and he changes his life drastically and very decisively.
  4. Well developed in Ophiuchus is the gift of premonition. Intuition almost never fails him, so he can fully rely on it. It is very important for him to learn to hear and listen to his heart, and not to make decisions only by reason.
  5. The charisma of the representatives of this sign is very attractive. This insanely positive energy, which is felt at a distance. Therefore, there are usually no problems with the opposite sex.
  6. This is a person aimed at success. He is not satisfied with the small salary and the gray, boring life of the majority (it’s gray and boring in his opinion). Therefore, the goal Ophiuchus always sets itself truly ambitious. And certainly reaches them.
  7. Loves to be in the spotlight and suffers without the admiration of others, the soul of the company.

Here is a bright, positive, successful and successful image of a person contented with life. But there are negative traits.

Negative traits

What may not like Ophiuchus:

  1. Polygamous nature is very rarely true to his chosen one. Polygamy stems from the great need for admiration and the desire to please everyone.
  2. Very jealous, she can flare up and suspect her life partner of treason even because of some harmless trifle.
  3. An ardent critic. He likes to express his opinion, even when he is not asked. Everything has its own idea. It will endlessly lecture and give advice that can be annoying, although it will prove to be useful in the end.
  4. Irresponsibility. The creative personality of Ophiuchus does not allow him to pay attention to everyday things. Therefore, he can often be late, do not fulfill promises or forget about them. Because of this, it seems frivolous.

In general, there are both positive and negative features of the representatives of this sign. It is not yet known whether the usual zodiacal system will change: it is possible that there will be no thirteenth sign.