Dream interpretation

The line of mind - the value for the fate of man


The values ​​of the lines on the palm are given special attention, because they can get information about the life and character of a person. Among the main lines of the hand is the line of the mind, which determines the intellectual capabilities of a person and his approach to life in general. Consider in detail all the values.

Location and shape

Where to find the line of mind in the palm of your hand? It is located between the index finger and thumb and crosses the palm horizontally to the middle, but sometimes it can reach the edge of the palm and be long. In people with advanced intelligence, the line of the mind can run across the palm diagonally.

What should be the shape of the “smart” line? The most common is a straight and straight line of mind. Palmistry believes that the absence of additional signs and dashes on this line indicates a clear and practical human mind. The appearance of lines, islands and other signs tells us that during a certain life-time a person experienced difficulty in thinking and did not have the attention and concentration.

What does the line position indicate at an angle? The degree of inclination relative to the horizontal direction indicates a rich creative imagination, flexibility of thinking and erudition. However, too much bias from a horizontal position indicates a tendency to hallucinations. A straight horizontal line shows a practical personality, not burdened by imagination and vivid mental images.

What does the length of the line of the mind tell? The longer the line, the wider and versatile mental activity. Such people can adapt to different life circumstances, creatively influence events and find answers to any difficult questions. However, the presence of a long line indicates the potential opportunities that a person must realize. If a person does not develop his potential, he will remain unfulfilled.

Creativity and pragmatism

Like the line of the heart, the line of the mind has two meanings - creative and pragmatic. Creative people have a curved line of mind or passing through the palm diagonally. The greater the bend toward the wrist, the more creativity there is in a person. These are people with rich imagination and developed mental activity, they are prone to fantasies and can be innovators.

The creative line of the mind is found in people of art who have a delicate taste and a sense of beauty.

The practical mind is symbolized by a horizontal straight line. These people value their lives according to the patterns and measures they have developed, without deviating a single step into the world of fantasy. They always make their own decisions, they are not inclined to trust and emotional outbursts. These are analysts seeking to find a rational grain in everything. If the line is short, this indicates an unbiased and simplistic approach to life as such.

A characteristic sign of a practical mind is a rounding at the end of the line directed to the fingers. This shows the priority of the material over the spiritual. A person is completely absorbed in the world of material things and can achieve good results in trade or business. However, there is a danger of fixation on enrichment and hoarding. If there is no fixation, a person may well become a millionaire and achieve great success in business.

Writing fork

How to determine the writing potential on the hand of a person? This will tell the fork in the end of the line of the mind - at the edge of the palm. It is always a diagonal forked at the end. A fork indicates that a person is gifted with a vivid imagination and talent to express thoughts in artistic form. A creative fork in the road can be not only among writers, but also among people of creative professions. In this case, they can be generators of new ideas, innovators and inventors.

Connecting lines

What does connecting the line of mind with the line of life mean? It tells of the caution of a person who is not able to take risks. They are practical, prudent people, alien to adventurous ideas and madness.

If both lines merge at the beginning, it shows the dominant importance of the family lifestyle in a person’s life. For a certain period in his life, he could not make decisions independently under the influence of family traditions and was forced to obey them.

If the line of the mind does not connect with the life line, but is located close (at the beginning), this speaks of a confident and self-sufficient personality. A person possesses constructive thinking, stands firmly on his feet and relies only on himself. Freedom is indicated by the distance between the beginning of the lines of life and the mind - the bigger it is, the more freedom-loving a person is.


What signs can be found on the line of the mind of the head? Ideally, they should not be. If there are islands (big rings), it shows periods of chaotic thinking and nervous breakdowns.

If the line looks like a chain, it shows a person’s tense and nervous life. These can be periods of stressful situations or just attacks of headaches. Perpendicular dashes also indicate headaches.

What does the line gap mean? It shows interrupted brain activity as a result of head injury or coma. But more often than not the gap shows a tendency towards mysticism and occult sciences. These people have a vision of a different plan; they have prophetic dreams.


If the line of the head originates from the index finger, it distinguishes an ambitious and uncompromising person in pursuing his goals. He estimates anyone who stands in his way.

If the line of the head originates within the line of life, there is an insecure person before you. Typically, the origins of such a life position are in the education of cruel parents.

A pale, barely perceptible line of the head indicates a person not burdened by mental activity. The wide, but colorless line of the head determines the thoughtlessness. Information reaches the person, as to a giraffe.

Can the line of the mind's head change during life? If a person does not possess thoughtlessness, mental abilities develop with certain efforts. However, for this you need to have a desire for self-development and self-improvement.