Dream interpretation

Compliance will take before the school exam - what you can and can not do


If a student knows the signs before the exam, which must be observed, his chances of successfully passing the test are greatly increased. Examination at school can provoke severe stress, due to which it is easy to get confused or forget the material covered. Especially it concerns USE or OGE. Compliance will help both at the energy level and will be an additional psychological support, helping to overcome excitement.

What signs promise good luck

The universe constantly sends us various signs of fate. The period before the exam is no exception. If you are able to listen to them and recognize them, you can extract a lot of benefits from this.

Signs that indicate that you are destined to pass the exam well:

  • Meeting with a woman carrying a clean container filled with water (bottle, bucket);
  • Small rain;
  • A chance meeting with a pregnant woman;
  • The appearance of ants in the apartment;
  • Heard bells in the morning;
  • Randomly spilled tea;
  • Wild bird flying high.

You should also pay attention to your neighbors, if you have been living in one place for a long time. Surely, you have already noticed that for some reason some of them are pleasant to you, and someone - for some unknown reason, makes a repulsive impression, although it has not made you anything wrong. A meeting with neighbors from the first category will be a good sign, and a bad one - from the second one.

Signs before bedtime

On the eve of the exam, before going to bed, you should put open textbooks or notebooks with notes under the pillow. This method will help knowledge to gain a foothold in the memory of the student.

Also, before going to bed, you can put a chocolate in bed next to your feet, which you will later need to eat at school before the exam itself. The essence of the method is that through the energy channel the energy of memory can flow through the legs, and the chocolate will take it into itself.

Under the pillow you can put and pieces of paper on which you need to write ticket numbers in advance. In the morning without looking, pull out one of these pieces of paper - its number will match the number of the ticket that you get on the exam, or will be very close to it.

How to choose the right ticket

There are ways to attract good luck, aimed at a specific goal - the choice of the desired ticket number, for which the student is best prepared. For the implementation of the first method, the student must initially be lucky - on the way to school you need to meet a pregnant woman. If this happens - it is necessary to ask her a random number, which will be the ticket number.

Another way is to count cars on the way to school for the exam. What number a student counts is such a ticket and should be chosen. It is also recommended to knock on the desk or door, before pulling the ticket.

Another effective method is to do all the actions on your left limbs on the day of the exam. After waking up, first of all, you should stand on your left foot, in the same way you should go into any premises and leave them.

When choosing a ticket, again, you need to pull it out with your left palm, while squeezing two fingers of the right hand behind your back in the cross. Household actions on this day should also be performed with your left hand - brushing your teeth, combing your hair, is.

It is recommended to hold something sticky in your hands before the exam - it may be a sweet candy or marmalade, so that the ticket you need will “stick” to the hands later.

What not to do before the exam

There is a list of actions that can not be done before the exam, so as not to risk their own success. In the period closest to the trial, it is not recommended to have a haircut, since this process can "cut off" the knowledge of the student. The same applies to personal hygiene - you should wash your hair no less than a day before the upcoming exam.

It is not necessary to wear new clothes that have not yet become happy or, conversely, bringing failure. It is better to wear those things in which the student was already lucky in the previous trials. Also suitable things in which the student experienced positive emotions - their energy will also attract good luck.

Do not leave notebooks with notes or textbooks open after you finish learning the material. This can have a negative effect on knowledge stored in memory.

It is not recommended to print ready-made cheat sheets downloaded from the Internet. It is better to prepare them yourself - to process the material and write out the most important thing. This will be useful both from the energy side and objectively strengthen knowledge.

We attract luck with the help of a talisman

Talismans can help us out in many different life circumstances, and in the period before the exam they become especially useful. A popular talisman tested by several generations of schoolchildren is a Soviet penny, which must be put under the heel and not reached before the end of the exam.

You can also resort to using urban talismans that exist in each city. This may be a happy statue that you need to touch by the hand, or a wish-fulfilling shop on which you need to sit. Before the exam will not be superfluous to enlist the magical support of such things.

The popular amulet - a thread tied at the wrist - fits perfectly. It is best to pick up the thread in red. The nodules should be reduced to memory.

More ways to get lucky

If a schoolboy goes to the exam, and on the way he suddenly remembers that he left something or did not do something at home - in no case should one return. This action is almost guaranteed to repel luck.

Also it is necessary to give preference to the usual for the student route, which he always goes. The path to the exam - not the best time for short roads or search for new passes. On the way, you should avoid all sorts of obstacles - do not step over puddles or pits.

Silence is also an excellent way to attract luck. If a student does not speak to anyone on the day of the exam, from the moment he wakes up to the very moment of the exam, everything will be successful and easy.

Also on the eve of the test, you can do a lot of good deeds - to help friends, relatives, random people on the street. Do not give in to negative emotions and enter into conflicts. In this case, the accumulated positive energy will certainly help the student to successfully cope with the exam.