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What breaks a mirror in the house: deciphering the meaning


Broken objects always cause a keen interest - all interested people are trying to figure out what it means. The consequences of an event can vary considerably depending on the circumstances. So, if you break a mug - not a particularly unpleasant sign, then in cases when you manage to accidentally break a mirror, such a circumstance may portend a variety of problems and troubles.

What is a mirror

Mirrors are considered one of the most ancient items related to mysticism. One of the first who wanted to explain the unusual properties of these products was the alchemist Paracelsus. According to his beliefs, with the help of mirrors, the otherworldly energy enters our world. In humans, it can cause various mental disorders that are not complete without hallucinations and visions. Accidentally breaking such a thing, you risk incurring a whole host of problems.

It is impossible to look at the broken surface of the mirror - they are capable of taking away human vitality. You can list the consequences that await the owners after the split amalgam:

  • After the mirrors broke, the family for seven years may be plagued by various misfortunes, illnesses, it is possible that some family member will die long before the end of his life span.
  • If the integrity of mirrors is violated, according to beliefs, otherworldly entities can penetrate into our world, whose attitude towards human beings is difficult to predict.
  • If a thing is broken into an odd number of pieces, this may portend a wedding.
  • Crashing, the mirror releases and dispels the negative accumulated inside.
  • If a sick person often looks at the mirror for a long time, it absorbs a lot of negativity. Such a thing should be destroyed, and a person should look into a new one, setting himself up in a positive way.

It is necessary to pay attention to the room in which the mirror broke:

  • In the bathroom - to deception by loved ones, restlessness in the soul.
  • In the bedroom of someone from home - to the illness of the owner of the room.
  • In the corridor - in the housing there is damage. It is necessary to carefully examine the rapids and cushions - perhaps there are bookmarks with foreign objects.
  • In the living room - one of the people often entering the house plotting something against someone from the owners.
  • In the nursery - to soon problems with the child.

What to do if something breaks at home

Not all broken items bring trouble and problems. For example, a broken cup or other dishes can bring happiness, if it happened at a wedding. Sometimes guests even do it on purpose. There are many wedding customs that are associated with breaking dishes - the bride can split the earthen pot at the threshold of the groom's house, newlyweds drain champagne glasses, then break them - “for luck”.

But what if the mirror is broken and there are fears of invoking disaster? There is a specific order that helps mitigate the consequences of an accident:

  • Splinters cover a piece of dark linen - so that they would not affect your face.
  • Collect the pieces, protecting hands with gloves or with a towel. When performing actions with bare hands there is a risk to attract bad energy to oneself or to cut oneself, which is also not particularly pleasant.
  • Take a wet rag and remove the remaining fragments. Throw everything away immediately.
  • To prevent the splinters from harm, they are packed and thrown into a river, facing the stream. Broom, which the fragments were swept up, carried to the street. It must be thrown three times - so that, falling, he would touch the ground each time.
  • It is also recommended to read the prayer "Our Father" before cleaning the glass. To the place where the mirror had hung before, hang up a new one in exchange.

What problems can be after the mirror broke

Much depends on what circumstances accompany the breaking of the mirror. For example, breaking it in the workplace, get ready for minor conflicts with the team, the authorities, you may even face dismissal. In some cases, broken objects, even such as a glass or a mug, foreshadow the speedy resolution of a complex conflict or problems that prevent you from advancing in your career or growing professionally.

In the event of accidental damage to someone else’s mirror, this fact can be considered as a warning both to the one who broke it and to the owner of the mirror. Between them there can be a quarrel, or some event will separate them for a long time.

If the child broke the mirror, the consequences are largely dependent on the nearby adults. If there is no panic on their part, troubles and problems can be forgotten. But it is necessary to look after the child well in such a situation - he cannot look at the fragments, otherwise he becomes painful, fearful. Clean the fragments should be the mother or godmother. It’s impossible to scold a child - his fear will cause a lot of trouble.

What to do with old, cracked mirrors

Sometimes old mirrors get when buying houses, apartments. New owners are in a quandary - it is terrible to leave a half-spilled mirror, to throw it away is scary. After a simple ceremony, the purpose of which is to clean the energy of the subject, you can do with it at will.

To clear the memory of an object, you can do this:

  • Wash the mirror on both sides under running water. Then you should put it in a basin or bath and pour it with holy water. After a few hours, the mirror is taken out and wiped dry. During the ceremony, it is necessary to experience positive emotions in relation to the mirror.
  • After washing, you can dry the mirror in a natural way, leaving it to dry completely in air. After that, place in a container of suitable size and cover with salt. In this position, leave it for three days.
  • After washing, the mirror is wrapped in a black cloth and cleaned for 3 days in a closet or other peaceful place.

After such a ceremony, you can do with the mirror as you please. If you want to throw it away, it is better to bury it, having previously wrapped it in black material. Bury under the tree (except aspen), with the mirror surface should be turned down.