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The most favorable days of the lunar calendar for haircuts in August 2018


August is the very last month of summer. At this time, the hair had already got tired of the negative impact of various environmental factors and more than ever need the right care. To do this, you should use special tools (caring masks, lotions), as well as properly cut and paint them. In this, the lunar calendar of haircuts for August 2018 with an overview of favorable days will help you a lot.

When can I cut and dye hair in August

1 number

Wait a while with a new haircut, because it will focus on all your shortcomings. Also not recommended today and painting curls.

August 2

It is recommended to wait with a visit to the hairdresser, because you may encounter a very unpredictable result. If you urgently need to dye your hair on this day - give your preference to a natural dye base, chemistry is now unacceptable.

August 3rd

The day is characterized by complete neutrality for a haircut, but it is also very successful for carrying out moisturizing and nourishing therapy. Coloring of curls is permissible: the color will pleasantly please you, but the structure of the curls will be disturbed.

August 4

The day is perfect for doing any haircut. Coloring will also be very favorable, especially the coloring procedure.

5th of August

The haircut performed on this lunar day will not leave anyone indifferent. In the question of staining should stop on a gentle staining basis.

August 6

Recommended today and holding a haircut to eliminate a variety of negative impacts. Coloring is very favorable - it will attract financial income into your life. Stop on the golden color.

August 7

With the help of a haircut on this day you will be easier to self-actualize. At the same time coloring in various colors is allowed.

8 August

Do not cut your hair today, otherwise you will encounter various unsolved problems. The coloring process will negatively affect your overall well-being.

August 9

New haircut will worsen your mood. And due to hair coloring, it risks losing its luster and becoming very naughty.

August 10

This lunar day like no other is perfect in order to create masterpieces of styling, as well as perform regular haircuts. In terms of staining the number is also very favorable.

11th August

Let today your know-how will be a symmetrical haircut. It is also recommended to change the color of your curls at the same time, thanks to which you will significantly improve your mood.

12th of August

You will be pleasantly surprised by the result of today's haircuts, plus add respect from other people. The day is also ideal for the staining procedure. If today you stop at dark colors, then attract the additional attention of men.

August 13

Performing a new hairstyle activates the flow of positive energy. In terms of coloring, you can choose absolutely any colors: in any case, you can achieve a very harmonious image.

August 14

The day is great to cut the hair of the owners of naughty curls. However, there is one caveat: hair after today's haircut will grow very quickly, so you can not keep your hair for a long time.

August 15

Neutral period for haircuts. It is good today to experiment with different styles, thanks to which you will be able every day to create a new interesting image for yourself. Deciding on the coloring procedure - stop at your usual color of curls.

August 16

Because of the haircut today you will encounter massive financial difficulties. And coloring in general is allowed, but it is only worth refusing the cardinal change of color of the curls.

August 17

This day is absolutely not suitable for making a haircut. The coloring procedure is allowed, but only you yourself have to decide whether to do it today or not.

August 18

It is worth refusing to cut curls today, because otherwise you will suffer from various conflict situations and quarrels.

August 19

The day is very favorable to create a new hairstyle. The painting procedure today will have a positive effect on the general condition of the curls, but at the same time there is a risk of achieving a not entirely successful color.

August 20

If you cut your hair today, you are more likely to make pleasant and interesting acquaintances. As for painting curls, it must be abandoned today. But at the same time, the time is completely suitable for performing various wellness procedures, for example, to resort to keratisation or bio-lamination. Plus, these lunar days are shown useful nutritional mask.

August 21

Thanks to a haircut on this day, you will become very attractive to the opposite sex. But wait a little with staining, so as not to encounter various conflict situations at work.

August 22

Haircut will help to uncover unexpected traits of your character. Coloring must be transferred to a better time, because today it seriously hurts curls.

August 23

A barber shop visit is shown if you wish to harmonize your state of mind. And the result of painting will not last long, so it is better to postpone it.

24 August

Lunar days are neutral to bring their curls in order. And painting will contribute to a significant improvement in your well-being.

25-th of August

The day is not very suitable for making haircuts, but is ideal for trimming the tips. Instead of coloring today it is better to decide on toning.

August, 26th

The day is unfortunate for a haircut, the result will not please you. Also today it is worth refusing staining if you are afraid of worsening your relationships with men.

August 27

Today, it is not recommended to cut your hair, otherwise you will incur the wrath of otherworldly forces. The result of staining will not be very noticeable, so you should give it up

August 28

It is worth today to wait a visit to a beauty salon. The day is also not suitable for coloring, but it is ideal to strengthen the curls with the help of special compounds.

August 29

This is a completely neutral period for everything that happens in the world. Therefore, the decision to perform a haircut should remain yours. It is allowed today to paint curls with the help of natural coloring base, but at the same time curls will quickly grow and break off.

August 30

If desired, haircuts of curls are allowed today, but it is more correct to resort to massage of the scalp. In terms of staining, the use of special tinted foams, mousses and shampoos will be appropriate.

August 31

The ideal time for trimming cut ends, as well as to keep the hair shape intact, because the decreasing phase of the moon will slow down the growth of curls. And the highlighting procedure performed today will attract financial returns to your life.

Try to always adhere to the recommendations of the lunar calendar, if you dream of beautiful and healthy hair, and still want to fill your life with only positive events.

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