Dream interpretation

Dreamed bad dreams - what it means and what to expect


The world of our dreams is not always a fancy and pleasant place. Sometimes, falling asleep, we plunge into the most unpleasant events - we can dream of our own death, the death of a loved one, the dangers of the real world or imaginary threats - ghosts, monsters. Dream interpretation will help not only to figure out what bad dreams are having, but also to analyze the reason for their appearance.

Nerves and fatigue

Bad dreams often leave you unpleasant when you wake up, and in some cases they can ruin your mood for the rest of the day. It is also difficult for a person to feel rested if for a long time he has nightmares nightly. Understanding the reasons for the emergence of such dreams will help get rid of them and begin again to enjoy pleasant scenes.

  1. To see bad dreams is often brought to those who have been in general fatigue or fatigue for a long time. In this case, dreams have no symbolic meaning, and are only a reflection of the process of brain processing of negative emotions. The content of night vision is not important - better think about how you can organize your well-deserved rest.
  2. A deep problem that requires an immediate solution is bad dreams against the background of the general nervousness and anxiety of the dreamer. If in everyday life any little thing can knock a person out of a rut, as it is taken to heart, experiences and anxiety continue to be processed by the brain at night. In this case, you should seriously think about how you can become calmer.

Other reasons

In addition to stress and nervous overvoltages, there are other prerequisites for a person's sleep to deteriorate.

  • The banal viewing of a horror movie can also be the cause of bad night vision - in this case, the nightmare has a one-time character, rarely repeated up to two or three times, does not bear any symbolic meaning, and you should not pay attention to it.
  • Bad dreams in a dream can also have a completely random character - when their appearance is not conditioned by anything. In this case, it is worth understanding that in real life nothing bad happened, and with a good mood to continue your day.
  • Also the cause of bad dreams can be excessive drinking and hangover.
  • Disease accompanied by fever - acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infection or flu can cause nightmarish dreams.

Bad dreams during pregnancy

Pregnant women often complain of disturbed sleep caused by nightmares. In their case, it is very important not to give unpleasant sleep any importance and not be afraid of its repetition the next night, as this may cause new stress and again cause a nightmare.

It is necessary to treat a negative dream disregard - had a dream, and let it. There is a high probability that poor sleep is caused solely by internal psychological and physiological experiences - the body is now in a very difficult period. The best way out is to concentrate on positive emotions and get rid of all kinds of stress.

In which case the dream foretells nothing.

The dreamer, who happened to observe not the most pleasant picture in his night vision, wonders if the dream was not prophetic. There are three cases in which a dream, however detailed and believable it may be, does not mean and does not portend absolutely nothing:

  • Sleep seen in the period of the waning moon phase. During this period, lunar energy focuses on the elimination of negative and superfluous information from human consciousness. It is worth forgetting the dream picture, as it is only the result of the work of the subconscious.
  • According to the dream book, bad dreams, dreamed of a full moon, should also be ignored. As in the past case, they are the result of the work of our subconscious mind on fears, complexes, and other similar problems.
  • A dream dreamed on the 29th lunar day. On this night, almost every dreamer observes a bad dream, but not everyone remembers them. Night visions, seen at this time, are usually especially unpleasant and scary, but do not be afraid of them, because they also do not portend anything bad.

If they dream of a child

Bad dreams in children is a normal phenomenon, since a large number of emotions and impressions of a still unexplored world accumulate in the children's mind during the day. If a child occasionally sees nightmares - no need to worry and look for some special reason. Just the subconscious helps him cope with an abundance of information.

However, it is worth guarding if bad dreams become regular, and your child complains about them more and more often. In this case, it is worthwhile to first think about the relationship between relatives - perhaps the child feels the tension between the parents, or often becomes a witness to scandals.

If you have a friendly and strong family, you should look for the cause of nightmares in the nursery - perhaps the baby is frightened by some kind of toy or object whose outlines look scary when the lights are off.

If there are no obvious reasons for children's nightmares, you should consult a specialist.

Opinion psychologist

According to the practicing psychologist Tatiana Danilova, dreams are a manifestation of instinctive cruel or indecent desires, which we displace deeply into the subconscious. The conscious part of our personality, brought up by society, does not accept instinctive desires, since they do not undergo censorship of social fears and prohibitions. Therefore, the subconscious satisfies them through dreams.

Also a prerequisite for a nightmare may be an unresolved problem or a variety of such. Especially when the dreamer cannot solve them for a long time.

Another reason is the day experienced before the dream. It is worth trying to find parallels between an unpleasant dream and the events of the past day, to make sure that the dream is only a reflection of the work of the subconscious and does not promise anything bad.