Dream interpretation

The meaning of dreams by day of the week - whether the dream will come true


How to understand, whether the dream which has had a dream come true today? Let us try to figure out what days the prophetic plots dream of, and when it is not necessary to attach importance to night visions.

Dreams by days of the week

The authors of most dream books believe that day of the week, in which you saw dreams, is of great importance. It depends on whether it is broadcast.

Sunday Monday:

  • On this night, dreams reflect the psycho-emotional state of a person, characterize his thoughts and feelings;
  • If in real life you are not disturbed by anything, the dream will be bright and joyful;
  • If negative emotions prevail, the subconscious will try to free themselves from them with the help of intricate scenes in night visions;
  • Sunday dreams aren’t happening, so they shouldn’t be given much importance.

Monday Tuesday:

  • Dreams on this day are an expression of a person’s creative and intellectual potential; they are usually very colorful, eventful and vivid;
  • You need to pay attention to the most vivid impression - it will indicate what you need to do in real life in order to realize your talents;
  • After you wake up, you need to immediately set creative goals and engage in their implementation. Not a place for laziness and idleness - create, work, and it will bear fruit;
  • If the dream was bad, on the contrary, it is better to refrain from vigorous activity. Spend time with your loved ones, enjoy quiet household chores and relax;
  • If in a dream you won something or won a duel, it means that something good will happen in real life. A new acquisition, a fateful acquaintance, or an unexpected gift.

Tuesday Wednesday:

  • If on the night of today you saw a vivid dream filled with various events, it is unlikely to come true. At this time, the subconscious mind unloads the brain, releasing the emotions experienced in recent times. No such meaning carries a vision;
  • Sometimes Tuesday dreams are prophetic, but only if you saw a familiar person and talked to him in a dream. In real life, this conversation may be repeated soon.

Thursday Friday:

  • Prophetic dream to remember. It will come true, but not in the near future, but when a turning point comes in your life and you need to make some important decision;
  • Most often in the plot of dreams are close people, it concerns the relationship: friendship, love or business;
  • On Thursday, intuition sharpens, so in a dream you can see some kind of sign of fate. He will indicate how to proceed in a problem situation;
  • Your emotional state is very important - even if the plot does not come true, in real life you will experience exactly the same feelings as during night journeys through the realm of Morpheus;
  • Sometimes Thursday dreams promise good luck. Some dream books indicate that the next day, luck will accompany you in everything.

Friday Saturday:

  • Try to remember how you felt when you watched what was going on in the dream. You will experience the same emotions in real life in the very near future;
  • Everything that dreamed can come true. But not in the life of the dreamer, but with his close and dear people. If the dream prediction is unfavorable, it is worth warning them of impending events.

Saturday Sunday:

  • Prophetic dream, the events of which will be performed on the same day. It comes true very quickly, so if the plot was not very good, try to protect yourself;
  • If you do not want the performance of sleep in real life, you need to describe it on paper in great detail, and then burn the sheet and wash off the ashes with water.

Watch a video about when and why dreams come true:

Influence of the moon

Sleep will come true or not - it very much depends not only on the day of the week, but also on the phase of the moon, because the lunar energy constantly affects the life and condition of a person.

How to interpret:

  1. Dreams in the new moon are very often joyful, positive, filled with positive emotions. They can promise a quick fulfillment of the dreamer's cherished desire.
  2. On the night of the waning moon dreams come true that promise the release of man from something. For example, you can recover from a long illness, get rid of a bad habit, or stop communicating with an unpleasant person.
  3. Prophetic dreams are dreaming in full moon. And they come true with amazing accuracy and in the very near future. So try to remember what happened to you in the realm of Morpheus.
  4. In the night on the growing moon, people see "empty" dreams, often negative. They do not need to attach any importance. At this time, the subconscious mind is freed from bad emotions and experiences, this is a kind of reboot of the brain.
  5. The 19th lunar day is the time of liberation from past relationships with men. During this period, you may dream of a former young man, lover or husband. This means that it feels like the threads connecting you disappear, and on a subtle level it wants to remind of itself.
  6. The 27th lunar day is a time of positive dreams. They can make you feel better, but they are not prophetic, so you can simply forget about them.
  7. The 30th lunar day is the time of prophetic dreams that come true with amazing accuracy. This is an ideal day for the practice of lucid dreams in which you can fulfill some kind of desire, and then it will be embodied in real life.
  8. The 25th lunar day is the time of "household" dreams. Often people see how they do household chores, play with children or meet friends. This is an "empty" dream, which you can immediately forget.

You can keep a diary of dreams throughout the year, share your observations in it. The analysis of the diary will help determine which days you see the prophetic dreams, when the predictions of dream books were performed, and in which cases the dream did not carry any meaning.