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What is bioenergy: key concepts, exercises


Bioenergy is a combination of theoretical base and practical techniques of one of the sections of alternative medicine. Based on the concept of biofield and bioenergy. Despite the fact that it is considered pseudoscientific knowledge, has many followers and reviews confirming the effectiveness of the techniques.

Bioenergy - what is it?

Human bioenergy belongs to the field of esoteric knowledge. This concept is inextricably linked with such definitions as extrasensory perception, aura, prana. Official medicine does not recognize methods of bioenergy treatment, but because of this they do not cease to be effective.

Key points of bioenergy doctrine are as follows:

  • Includes the concept of human biofield. This is a kind of energy radiation, invisible to the eye, a piece of the information field of the Universe. It is believed that two factors most strongly affect the biofield: a person's own mental and emotional radiation of a person, as well as the impact of the surrounding world.
  • Each person has their own energy potential. Depending on the influence of various factors, it can both fade out and fill from the Source. Practically all bioenergy techniques are aimed at compensating for energy losses and increasing energy potential.
  • The thoughts and emotions of a person have a huge impact not only on his psycho-emotional state, but also on the health of the human body. Any negative first damages the subtle body, and then resonates with the physical, provoking the occurrence of diseases
  • Man and nature are inextricably linked. It is from the outside world that you can draw energy and vitality, which is necessary for successful self-realization in all spheres of life.
  • Man is a part of the Universe, with the help of the egregore he can connect to the source of the Higher Mind and draw from there any necessary information. Not everyone is capable of this - it takes a lot of experience in spiritual practices.
  • Bioenergy is aimed at the liberation of the human I, personal freedom. To get it, it takes a lot of work with the subconscious, which since childhood has been influenced by society, education, a lot of negative attitudes are formed

It is necessary to begin the study of bioenergy with an understanding of only two fundamentals:

  1. All processes, things and phenomena occurring in the world are closely connected with the Universe.
  2. Thoughts and emotions - the cause of success or problems. Is always. What a person broadcasts - negative or positive, then gets it. Therefore, the responsibility for everything that happens in your life lies only with you.

Having mastered at least the basic part of bioenergy knowledge, you will be able to qualitatively improve your life, by understanding what is happening with your body and mind on three levels: physical, mental and astral.

Bioenergy treatment

Since time immemorial, bioenergy practices have been used to treat patients. Ancient techniques came to us from their eastern energy practices: tantra, yoga and others.

In bioenergy, it is believed that at birth a person is given three types of a biofield. When a disease is damaged, some of the fields are damaged, because of this the overall picture of the aura changes. The specialist assesses the changes and diagnoses the cause of the disease, determining which organ needs treatment.

In order to heal people with the help of bioenergetics, it is necessary to have a developed sensitivity to human biofields. Only a few experts are able to feel, with the help of fingers, where the disease grows from.

What techniques are used in the process of diagnosis and treatment of diseases using bioenergy:

  • Determination of aura changes using tactile sensations. If the person is sick, the diagnostician will feel tingling, chill or, conversely, fever while working.
  • Treatment of the disease: the healer directs his own energy to the treatment of the patient. Because of this, the sick person begins to feel better, and the doctor's energy potential decreases for a while.

If you go through bioenergy training, you can self-heal yourself with the help of special exercises. They were created in ancient times by oriental thinkers and clergymen.

Watch the video about the energy structure of a person from the point of view of bioenergy:

The value of bioenergy in human life

The role of bioenergy is as follows:

  • Helps protect against disease by creating an energy shield.
  • Protects a person from the negative impact of the world, sets a barrier to any negative
  • Determines the quality of your life. The more energy you have, the healthier, more attractive and more successful you are able to achieve goals.
  • Provides the necessary level of vital energy, if desired - even one in which you can develop paranormal and extrasensory abilities

To achieve any meaningful results, you need special practices and exercises.

How to develop bioenergy skills?

The theory is useless without practice. Therefore it is worth trying some exercises in order to comprehend the meaning of bioenergy.

List of effective exercises:

  1. Exercise first - to do for seven days. You need to relax and disengage from extraneous thoughts. Then turn your mind’s gaze to your right hand and imagine how warmth emanates from it. Repeat for left hand. When you manage to cause tingling sensations in the palms, the exercise is considered complete.
  2. During the second exercise, you will also concentrate on the feet. Imagine how warm, arising in the foot, moves from the ankles to the calves, then to the knees, hips, abdomen, chest, and reaches the brain

The effectiveness of the exercise depends on the strength of your imagination and ability to visualize. Not everyone has these skills well developed, so you may need time to master the practice.