Dream interpretation

What does it mean to see a shepherd in a dream - the correct interpretation of the dream?


A sheepdog in a dream is an interesting sign that either says you have true friends who are ready to help you, or you yourself turn into a service dog, obediently carrying out commands. Sheep-dog is not an easy dog, it performs service and protective functions. This is not a charming York or poodle, which pleases you with its charming behavior and funny grimaces.

In the first place, the shepherd should serve - that is the purpose of this breed, specially bred for the protection, protection, tracking and attack. Unlike many other breeds, a shepherd can be trained to hunt, track and attack a person on command. Let's try to find out what it means to a shepherd in a dream, based on the interpretation of dream books and psychologists.

Total sleep values

  • A dog in a dream is always a faithful friend, to whom you are a little condescending. We are talking about dogs - "he understands everything, but he cannot say anything." Shepherd might say in response that people say a lot, but they understand much less.
  • A dog, a puppy in a dream can be a child that needs care, funny and hilarious. A kindergarten group can introduce themselves to you in a dream, like a company of puppies. But not a sheepdog. Even a small sheepdog puppy is already a sheepdog. A dog that requires special treatment, protection, threat and weapons at the same time.
  • There are many breeds of shepherd dogs - German, Caucasian, Scottish, Central Russian and even Irish - half ferocious ferocious dogs, which almost destroyed the livestock of wolves in Ireland. The most common shepherd in a dream is German. It is a large dog with a black - gray or reddish color, sharp erect ears, a black nose, attentive brown eyes and an impressive mouth. Gums may be pink, but more often black. If you are afraid of dogs with a terrible black mouth and white teeth, then in vain, this is just a feature of the breed.
  • This is a nervous dog with a delicate mental system that requires a person’s mutual attention and devotion. A lone service dog without a host can be dangerous due to unpredictability and lack of respect for people.
  • The main value of a shepherd in a dream - protection, execution of orders, selfless service, loyalty.
  • If you dream about your own dog, take a dream by its actual value. You just dream about your dog, part of your life. If you are not together, the dog means that you miss him.
  • The Central Russian and Caucasian Shepherd Dog can conceal an influential person. Minister or another big boss. Plays a role shaggy. The more shaggy and big dog you dream, the greater the importance of a person through the ranks. At least in your eyes.
  • An aggressive, ill-bred dog means danger. Perhaps this is how you see someone from your colleagues in a dream.
  • A friendly shepherd dog towards you means that everything is fine with you. You can chat freely with representatives of the road service. The main thing - do not cross the double solid, the rest can be settled.
  • Military, police, customs officers may well be represented in a dream as service dogs, with whom it is not easy to establish contact.
  • An old, lazy and fat sheepdog sniffs disgustingly at you - there may be problems with officials or other government officials, red tape, fines, chicking, bureaucratic cavils.

The value of authoritative dream books

  • According to the female dream book, shepherd dreams to unquestioning obedience. It is possible that in a short time you will have to give quite severe orders and they will be executed. The need to have a shepherd dog, to see her in a dream - you are seriously concerned about security issues. If you have bodyguards, in a dream you may well see them like shepherd dogs. Executive, formidable, but not too patient.
  • Dream book Hassa considers a shepherd dog that runs up to meet you, swinging its tail energetically, as a pleasant, familiar, interesting person to talk to. However, do not relax, you must meet your friend in terms of communication, outlook, and even in appearance. It is quite possible the shepherd is an official or employee of medium or high rank, intelligent and insightful.
  • If you dream that a shepherd lives in your house, although you do not have a dog - this is someone from family members. Perhaps you yourself, if it is you who keeps order, is responsible for security, and establishes basic rules.
  • Dream Miller claims that the shepherd in the yard - to peace, happiness and tranquility. If you dream of someone else's dog, ran into your home or yard - beware of intrusive friends, envious, detractors, prone to sniff out your secrets.
  • Dream Vanga advises to prepare for a long siege by anxious and in love men. Do not rush to respond to feelings, be moderately gentle and restrained. If this is your man, then he will be waiting. When men are in love, their behavior is the same and easy to confuse light love and real feeling.


To dream of a shepherd usually means meeting a friend, often a male. This applies when the dog is friendly. Your own dog is most likely a family member. Outside and aggressive dogs - civil servants, law enforcement officers, military.

If you dream that you are being bullied by dogs, this does not necessarily mean that you are engaged in illegal activities. You may be annoyed and experiencing psychological pressure.