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Dreamed corn - features decoding for dream books


Corn is in second place in the world in terms of sown area. It contains twenty-six elements of the periodic table, tasty and useful even with conservation. Why dream of corn, we learn in the verified dream books.

He who sows corn grows richer

In many countries, this crop is the main product that makes up the daily diet of people. Mexico is considered the birthplace of corn, where the ancient Indians literally worshiped the harvest.

In mythology, this cereal personifies fertility, wealth, abundance, peace. The stem, striving for cobs toward the sun, is identified with growth, development, new knowledge, the search for ways of enlightenment.

Germinating from the ground from a small seed, the sprout gives new fruits, thus showing the life cycle from birth to death. It is a symbol of the development of any potential opportunity that a person hides. His path to the formation of personality, spiritual growth.

In Feng Shui philosophy, the bright yellow color of the kernels is compared to the touch of sunlight, the brilliance of gold, and therefore to wealth. Therefore, for the dreamer, such a plot promises an increase in well-being, a life full of brilliance, light, joy, and satiety.

In the female economy, corn is not a burden

An adventurous person who dreams of owning her own business, to reap a harvest of cobs promises the green light to all undertakings and the prospective continuation of your business. Everything that you undertake to produce or produce for the benefit of people will be necessary, in demand and will bring you substantial profits that can be invested in development.

To clean unripe fruits - to suffer losses from the machinations and unfair struggle of competitors. Spend a lot of effort on the empty work, which will bring a lot of expenses and debt.

The ripe cob of a young woman promises pregnancy and happy motherhood. Tear off the grain from the stem - plan a few children.

There is corn porridge - to suffer from its wastefulness and large requests. Your irrepressible desires can lead you to a financial crisis. Not a good prospect to lose everything that is acquired by overwork.

You buy corn on the market - you are craving for development, self-knowledge, spiritual growth and physical activity. You are not enough that surrounds you. There will be a desire to travel, to see the world, to meet interesting people, to express oneself in an area unknown to you before. A favorable period for the implementation of the plan, act!

Running your hands in sacks of grain is a good dream, promising a lot of money that will suddenly fall on you. They can repay a debt, about which you no longer remember or thank for a good deed on your part.

If the bags with the crop help someone to put you in the wagon - there will be a worthy admirer who will love you and patronize you in every way.

Dry, dry grains speak of the dreaded character of the dreamer. You bring a lot of trouble to your family and push away your friends with your behavior. Loneliness is not the best way to prove to the world that you are capable of everything on your own. It's not too late to come to your senses and return to those who love you.

Corn is a treasure, with it in the household will be the way

A business man to see a cornfield in a dream is a great sign. The plan that you adhered to may work in full. Unbelievable cash flow is expected.

Boiled corn in a dream for a young man promises a new acquaintance and romantic meetings. These dates can be not only pleasant, but also useful for your future. You may be given the right idea or instructed on a path that foreshadows financial gain and stability.

For an unmarried guy, canned food with this cereal waking promises to comprehend a new sexual experience. You fully realize all the unbridled desires and fantasies, and at the same time, you will not have to bind yourself with additional obligations. This relationship will not be romantic, but will enrich your knowledge of communication with the opposite sex.

Hold in the hand a ripe ear - pick a jackpot or a bank. The proposal that you receive will be fateful. Thanks to him, you will stand up and earn capital. Profit will benefit you in the event that you make the right decision about investing it in the business, and do not spend it empty.

What else dreams of corn:

  • to touch and feel how the back hurts - to hard and monotonous work;
  • many fruits on one strong stalk - friends or relatives will show their loyalty and devotion. Close ones will once again prove how they love and respect you;
  • a green field of young shoots in a dream - a meeting with the one you have long dreamed about. A good time for romantic dates and declarations of love;
  • rotten, damp - to give up on what was close, interesting and dear to your heart. For businessmen, this can mean loss of profits and losses due to force majeure circumstances. Try to insure your property or finances against possible risks.

Corn - the queen of the fields, do not feel sorry for her, author's dream books

Gustov Miller

Corn kernels personify close relatives and relatives. Going through the corn, cleaning the cob - means to get a lot of pleasure from communication, attention and sharing a feast with the family.

One could see how someone is admiring his great harvest - to feel envy and longing for loneliness. It’s time for you to think about home and heirs.

A field planted with cereals is dreaming - think about expanding your activities. Things are going uphill, which means you should not stop at what has been accomplished. The correct decision will be the financial absorption of those who once put a stick in the wheel and hindered the development of your idea.

Sigmund Freud

Seeing the field of ripe corn and trying to collect it - there is a risk to undermine health from excessive body overload with intimate intimate connections. You want everything at once, but it does not happen. Positive sexual experience can not come from the number of partners. It comes from the emotions, feelings and desires of your beloved, which is full of passion and love for you.

Hold in the hands of the ear - to be confident in their abilities and capabilities. Health really won't let you down. You are at the peak of activity. Women - a good period for conceiving healthy and intelligent children.


Corn represents only good events that will bring profit, prosperity to the house and prosperity. There will be no cause for concern for those who risked investing funds and expects profit. The dream promises multiplication of wealth and further development.