Dream interpretation

Dreamed of the airport: the value of the popular dream books


When you dream of an airport, it may be a harbinger of new events or impressions, a call for changes in life. Perhaps the implementation of your plans will slow down due to some difficulties, but then all the same, everything will end safely. It is important to understand that the interpretation of sleep also depends on your feelings.

Did you feel comfortable in a dream or did you have an unpleasant residue? If you work in the air sphere, then, most likely, such a dream is a dream to you because of this. And if you are preparing for the flight, then, probably, the airport has seen you because of the excitement about this.

However, in any case, it is worth looking at the meaning of this sign. So, why dream of the airport.

The airport according to the dream Fedorovskoy

  • If in a dream you arrived at the terminal building to meet your acquaintance, friend or someone else, expect news from afar soon.
  • But if you just went into the building, beware of conflicts with colleagues and superiors, it is fraught.
  • If you managed to lose something at the airport, you will get a lot of support and help, but not at all from where you could expect.
  • Schedule a date at the celestial dock - for possible late arrivals. Soon you should go out about fifteen minutes earlier, even if it seems to you that you will definitely arrive on time.

According to the dream book, Denise Lynn

Denise Lynn answers the question: why does the airport dream? Answer the question: Is it time to relax? Perhaps you are very tired? Traveling or relaxing in faraway countries never hurts.

According to the modern dream book

You will finally attain ecstasy in love or another no less deep feeling, and this will bring you satisfaction and the feeling that you can rest, that all is well. You will be calm and pleasant thanks to the achievement of harmony in the tormenting feeling.

According to the eastern dream book

  • If in a dream you saw yourself at the airport, then do not expect to finish your business quickly and without difficulties, most likely you will have to sweat to successfully complete the plans.
  • And if you still could not find a way out, without the help of someone influential, you cannot do.

According to the XXI century dream book

  • If you are going to have some kind of trip, trip or flight by plane, then a vision in a dream of an airport can only be a reflection of your excitement. However, if you entered the building, then you should be worried, because your anxiety is justified.
  • If you met someone, it promises you a quick message, a parcel or a letter from a person whom you have not seen for a long time due to the long distance between you.
  • Have you seen the airfield as planes take off or land? You should stop trusting people so unconditionally, your naivety can be used, trust and openness will again lead to trouble.

According to Miller's dream book

  • For businessmen, this vision foreshadows an important meeting or meeting that will help solve the necessary questions, problems that have long been hanging over you.
  • If you are a girl and in a dream you had to be late and rush to the airport, it’s time to think about your life priorities. Maybe you are not doing what you would like, or leading a wrong lifestyle. However, if the dream brought you a sense of anxiety, then you should wait with the adoption of an important decision until a more suitable time.

On the full dream book of the New Era

Having a dream, the airport reflects your desire to travel, change the situation, find adventure, but do not sit in one place. You need to urgently start something new, start doing what you did not dare to do before.

According to the dream book from A to Z

The dream that you are going to fly away, the excitement that precedes this, the roar of airplanes and people scurrying around - all this predicts to you that you will find true love, feelings from which will lift you to heaven.

Other interpretations:

  • For married women, the dream in which they are located in the building of the heavenly pier promises the emergence of new opportunities, the resolution of tormenting problems, the resumption of old ties and positive changes in personal life.
  • If in reality you have managed to get bogged down in squabbles, intrigues and quarrels, a similar dream tells you that the time of reckoning will come soon and you would be better to settle everything and make peace with your detractors until that moment.
  • If the terminal in your dream was empty, then get ready for unpleasant events, you should start to properly manage your finances and refrain from major purchases.
  • But if the building, on the contrary, was crowded with people, a happy period will soon come to your life when your luck and prospects will be at its maximum. This is the ideal time to be able to provide yourself and your family a prosperous future.
  • You can also promise prospects if the airport’s structure in a dream was beautiful, new and pleasant. However, if on the contrary, wait for the collapse of hopes and plans.
  • If you had a dream about how late you are on a plane, this may indicate your inconsistency and irresponsibility, that you will not be able to carry out the important task given to you. You should sit alone at home with yourself a day to figure out what you really want, to decide on priorities.
  • Check-in at the airport is a good sign, as it foreshadows the appearance of opportunities to fulfill some of your plans that were impossible earlier.
  • For young girls, such a dream predicts the appearance in their lives of a man who may become their future husband, but even if not, in any case will bring unforgettable emotions.