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What is the significance of Tarot 78 Doors


Tarot cards are proven by many fortune tellers and clairvoyant mantic instrument that allows you to predict the course of future events and promptly correct the situation for the better. There are many tarot decks created by different authors.

Universal is considered a deck of Ryder Waite, but despite this, many alternative versions allow you to get equally true answers to questions. Each deck has its own distinctive features that are worth paying attention to.

In this article we will look at the meaning of the Tarot 78 Doors.

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Tarot 78 Doors is one of the most unusual decks produced over the past ten years. Invented by the deck of the Italian artistic director Pietro Alliego, and drawn by the artist Antonella Platano. Tarot 78 Doors quickly gained popularity and spread throughout the domestic states.

In the deck there is a metaphorical opening of the doors, symbolizing the changes, the change of one state by another. Coming to the door, a person needs to make a decision: "Go in or stay outside?". Also, the questioner is worried about what is behind this door?

The idea of ​​the door is supplemented with images of keys and guards. Doors on the lasso are shown open or closed. People either enter or leave. And the keys to the doors are either visible or securely hidden on the lasso. Next we look at the meaning of each of these images in more detail.

Image of Doors

We are forced to use doors daily. Constantly we have to go in and out, go through various doors, and we are so used to this subject of our life, that we sometimes forget its important symbolic meaning.

The door is the entrance. For many nations, the concept of "discovery" is closely intertwined with ceremonies that symbolize changes in personality. A person acquires a higher status, changes the familiar worldview, becomes "Initiated."

In antiquity, traditionally the entrances to shrines or temples were always guarded by the “Guardians of the Threshold”. Statues (knights, dragons, lions, sphinxes, angels and deities) were used as the latter. The guardians of the threshold were supposed to prevent evil forces and bad personalities from entering the door.

This is where the famous wedding tradition comes from, when the groom has to bring his bride into the house in his arms - this is how he dedicates her to his wives and demonstrates the Guardian, that now she is the mistress of this house.

Key Images

All doors are opened and closed with keys. No matter how big or small, metal or gold, it is important that the key fits into the lock.

The main task of the Keys is to “open” and “close” - symbolically this demonstrates the possibility of gaining access to everything: to power, certain places, people, and so on.
In its deepest sense, the key is a mantic instrument, with the help of which it is possible to eliminate the boundaries between the explicit and the secret, which also symbolizes Initiation and access to higher knowledge. There are even Masonic lodges that use the key as their emblem, and also as a sign of the Master.

Images of open and closed doors

In the 78 Doors deck, the opened doors always have a positive value, they personify the removal of obstacles and entry. A person has an amazing opportunity to visualize what is there, on the other side of the door, to expand the scope of his life limitations.

In addition, the door indicates a thirst for knowledge and a desire to make changes in your life. Thanks to the open doors, you better understand what is actually happening, the beating of your heart is felt more acutely, it is possible to analyze the past to create a favorable future.

Cards in an inverted position (when they are upside down) radically change their meaning.

In general, the value of the Major Arcana is almost the same as the traditional deck, but there are some changes:

  • so, the Fool is depicted standing on the edge of an abyss with a key in his hands, the door is missing before him, the whole world is revealed to him - all he has to do is to make a step forward.
  • The artist painted the High Priestess in the form of a witch sitting at the table, on which a deck of Tarot cards was laid out. She peers at the magic ball and unlocks the door to hidden knowledge. Its key is the present vision of the problem.
  • A hermit is seduced by a spirit that comes out from behind a loosely closed door and indicates its weak points. Hermit seeking key.
  • The door of the Force is guarded by a lion. To open it, the daredevil will have to either win a lion, or come to an agreement with him, but whatever it is, you must, above all, defeat yourself.
  • The door of Temperance is covered, in order to enter it, it is necessary to achieve a state of harmony and to gain patience, but the water gathered by the girl in the jugs confers faith in her own abilities.
  • On the lasso the Devil, we see an image of people who could not cope with their vices and opened the door, which was forbidden to open. Their fate is now entirely dependent on their future behavior.
  • The door of the Last Judgment is the door of the laws and the final one - after passing through it, we are entering a new step. Now our actions do not change the situation in any way, so we have to reconcile with any changes.

As for the Junior Arcana, they already talk about some specific details, and also advise how to open the door and shed light on what is hidden behind it.

The suit of swords

Swords allow you to reveal secret thoughts.

  • Ace of Swords - a door is drawn on it leading to a giant maze. Of course, it will not be easy enough to go through it, and while the person still has the opportunity to go back, having lost all of his illusions. Because after entering the maze his illusions will dissipate instantly.
  • The woman on the Five of Swords is older in age than in the traditional deck; she sits under a door that she does not dare to open. The door managed to disappear under stormy vegetation during her thinking.
  • Seven of Swords testifies that it will take a lot of effort to open a part of the doors. It will be necessary to find a special key for them, as well as creatively rethink the situation.
  • Knight of Swords - protects his identity, destroying the prejudices of society.

The suit of cups

Cups open the doors to the emotional, sensual world.

  • Five of Cups - teaches to part with the past: a woman on the map sees that her house is on fire, the flames brightly engulfed him and she has nothing left to do but jump out the window. But she does not want to do this, all hoping that at the last moment someone will come to her aid and everything will be the same as before.
  • Six Cups depicts children listening to their grandmother, who reads fairy tales to them.
  • The Knight of Cups enters a cave located under a waterfall, he lives a fictional life - an attractive but fabulous one and very soon he will face a harsh reality.
  • The Queen of the Cups is personified with the river element, she sympathetically listens to a woman who prays to her and wants to give her help.

The suit of wands

Wands are symbols of the world of activity, self-realization and career growth.

  • Deuce of wands depicts a girl passing through a closed door.
  • On Troika of Wands, a man awaits the arrival of ships.
  • On the Seven of Wands a brave man is drawn, risking to slightly open the secret door.
  • The Eight of Wands will teach you to follow the voice of your intuition: a table is drawn on it with an extensive choice of keys, but only one approaches the door.

Suit pentacles

Pentacles are manifestations of the world of money.

  • The six of Pentacles depicts a poor family, which has found a basket at the door of their house, filled with various gifts - a symbol of the ability to accept "gifts from the sky."
  • Eight Pentacles foreshadows that the questioner will have to lose his identity and there is no guarantee that this sacrifice will be rewarded.
  • And the Queen of Pentacles is supported by the people who worship her.

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