Dream interpretation

Suitcase in a dream: the most detailed interpretation in popular dream books


Suitcases and other similar travel accessories in this dream book are a sign that the dreamer is trying to hide some events, deeds or feelings from others.

One third of life a person spends in a dream. Sleep is a source of daytime energy and a pledge of well-being. In the dream, the body rests. Many processes slow down. However, some parts of the brain in a dream become more active by analyzing the information collected during the day, which goes to other areas of the brain in the form of images.

If you correctly decipher these images, you can identify problems that implicitly disturb the dreamer, and even predict the future. Dreaming of a suitcase? What would it mean?

The most popular dream books

The most famous dream books:

  • Miller;
  • Freud;
  • Wangi;
  • Islamic

interpret the same dream differently.

This is understandable:

  • Psychologist Miller created his dream book (2125 interpretations of dreams) on the basis of many years of communication with patients;
  • The psychoanalyst Freud, in his famous work The Interpretation of Dreams, reveals dreams as the dreamer's secret desires;
  • Vanga deciphered dreams, comparing the lives of people and the history of entire countries. Her dream book contains 79 interpretations;
  • Islamic dream book reflects the interaction of the phenomena of nature and the inner world of a Muslim. This dream book has 149 interpretations.

Consider how they interpret the appearance of a suitcase in a dream, these famous dream books.

Miller's Suitcase

American psychologist interprets this image in two ways.

In his opinion, he foreshadows the dreamer:

  • travel, long way;
  • possible failures in the service, disappointment in love and friendship.

If a dream dreamer packs a suitcase, and does it without haste and calmly - the road will be long and joyful.

The styling process is accompanied by stress and negativity, and things do not fall in the right order - the journey will be short, vain and uncomfortable.

An empty suitcase symbolizes disappointment in love or marriage.

A suitcase with randomly packed expensive items for a dreamer indicates a possible quarrel with a respected or close person.

If a suitcase contains a set of old or unnecessary things, then an unpleasant conversation with a minor person is implicitly expected.

Why dream of a suitcase - according to Freud

The interpretation of the image of the suitcase by Freud is negative. This is a burden of problems, a complex of complexities, a set of resentments against a loved one. Moreover, depending on the action that the dreamer takes, the degree of negativity varies:

  1. Buying a suitcase indicates a desire to ask a friend for help in the difficult task that the dreamer was in.
  2. Packing a suitcase is a latent preparation for a quarrel with a loved one, during which many unfounded claims will be made.
  3. Carrying heavy suitcases indicates that a set of complexes and problems makes life difficult, but the dreamer hides them behind a closed lid.
  4. A fallen off lid of a suitcase, a collapsed luggage case shouts that the dreamer's mental state has come to a dangerous point.

The interpretation of the image of the suitcase Wangoy

Wang believes that the suitcase is a type of future changes.

A light suitcase speaks of vain expectations, a heavy one — of significant, unpredictable changes in the dreamer's life.

If a person goes through things in a suitcase, then he regrets his actions in real life and is ready to change some of his actions.

If the dreamer opens his suitcase, but it’s empty there, disappointment in a romantic relationship lies ahead.

How to decipher the image of a suitcase Islamic (Muslim) dream book

Suitcases and other similar travel accessories in this dream book are a sign that the dreamer is trying to hide some events, deeds or feelings from others.

This dream is a warning that the secret may become clear, you need to take all measures to preserve the secret.

As a summary: A suitcase, in the opinion of all the authors of dream books, is a future change based on accumulated information. The image of a suitcase in a dream warns the dreamer about possible losses in relationships.

In order to more accurately interpret this dream, it is necessary to find out in more detail who and when he dreams.

Who dreams of a suitcase

A man who travels frequently

If the dreamer-traveler carefully checks his suitcase before his business trips, putting everything neatly, then success awaits him in the service. Management will soon appreciate its accuracy and consistency.

If he dreams that the suitcase is small and does not contain all the things, then such a dream promises him a promotion, a reward for his efforts.

Unmarried girl

If a young woman dreams of a big expensive suitcase made of genuine leather, then her attention was attracted by a wealthy man.

Her attempts to open the suitcase were unsuccessful - her elect would be indifferent to her.

If she succeeds in unlocking her suitcase, her attention will be rewarded.

If a girl sees a lump of things in a suitcase - her chosen one is illegible in love affairs, it is better to stay away from him.

In the suitcase order, things neatly folded - the chosen one is ready for a long love relationship.

If a girl in a dream cannot lock her suitcase, it means that she will not be able to interrupt the love relationship that has become a burden.

A woman

A closed suitcase with a lost key can talk about the secrets that have appeared to the spouse.

A small shabby suitcase can hide an unpleasant secret that a woman would not want to put on display of relatives and families.

Travel bag-case on wheels can warn about changes related to close relatives.

If a woman buys a suitcase, then soon she will become a mother.

Single man

Buying a suitcase promises an acquaintance in the near future with a pleasant stranger. The color of the suitcase, some dream books even determine what it will be: blonde, brunette or redhead.

Soft cloth suitcases talk about the soft character of the chosen one, tough, with sharp edges - about her strong-willed character.

The suitcase, which opens in the hands of the dreamer and from which things fall out, warns of unpleasant facts, which he soon learns about his chosen one. This can serve as a warning about the need to get to know your beloved.


It is possible with skepticism to interpret dreams. However, our brain can pick up any, even the smallest pieces of information, past which in reality a person will pass without noticing them. During wakefulness, these signals are suppressed by other, more important information that ensures the vital activity of the body.

During the period of night analysis, the brain finds the relationship between such imperceptible signals and gives us images that we perceive as intuition.

Probably, everyone in life had “prophetic” dreams. This is just evidence that dreams should be taken seriously. And how to interpret them, which dream book to choose - to judge the dreamer himself. The main thing is not to panic, even if according to all dream books a dream speaks of negative changes in fate.

It is not by chance that they say that dreams are answers to questions that we cannot ask ourselves in real life.
So, maybe it is better to be prepared for any changes, exploring your dreams?