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What is the Tarot Significator and why is it needed?


If you are recently engaged in the study of Tarot cards, then you will have to familiarize yourself not only with the rules of working with the deck, but also with certain terms that refer to fortune telling. One of them is the concept of "Significator". In this article we will answer the question what is the Signification in Tarot.

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The word "Significator" has Latin roots. This term is used not only by tarot cards, but also by professional astrologers. If you perform a translation, the word "significator" is assigned the value of "pointer".

In the Tarot, the Significator is a lasso, personifying the personality of a person who has asked for help or a situation that arouses interest in a guessing person and which concerns his question.

Many beginners wonder if it is necessary to choose the Significator in all cases. It should be noted that there are a number of layouts, when this item is mandatory, but there are also divinations when you can ignore them.

For someone, the Significator provides substantial assistance in more accurate interpretation of the layout. If you also notice that by choosing this card, you delve more into the process of divination, then you are allowed to apply it regardless of whether it is indicated in the alignment conditions.

Using this map is not a required item, but in this case you will increase the accuracy of the predictions received. It is placed in the central part of the table, and the other lassos are laid out on the sides of it. Having considered the meaning of the significator, you can easily discover for yourself the true essence of any person, as well as learn about the real state of affairs.

There are various methods that allow you to choose a signature card in Tarot. Next we look at the most popular ways.

The first method is a selection of Major Arcana.

The significator card is chosen from sixteen Major Arcana. This technique is the most popular today. At the same time, when a suitable card is selected for a particular person, attention is paid to external indicators (taking into account the age category, color of the skin, eyes and hair) or using the zodiacal constellation to which the questioner belongs.

Members of the Order of the Golden Dawn used a similar method of choosing the significator.

The distribution is performed according to the following parameters:

  • Masts of wands - suitable for fair-skinned blondes or redheads;
  • Color Cup - just for people with blond hair;
  • Costume Swords - used for brunettes;
  • Suit Pentakley - this option is acceptable for dark-skinned or very dark-haired people.

In this case, the King's card is used for mature men, the Queen for women of age, Princes are associated with young men, and Princesses with young girls.

Also, figure cards are traditionally distributed according to this principle:

  • Page - used for children, adolescents, adolescents;
  • Knights - associated with energetic guys from the age of 25;
  • Korolev - for adult women;
  • Kings - for adults of the stronger sex.

If you choose a significator for belonging to the sign of the zodiac, then the distribution will be as follows:

  • Masts of Wands - suitable for fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius);
  • The suit of cups - for representatives of the water element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces);
  • The suit of Swords - for air personalities (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius);
  • The suit of Pentakley - it corresponds to earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).

It should be noted that the process of selecting a significator card must be carried out on the basis of a specific situation. You can not separate the cards of Kings and Queens only by gender. Indeed, in the character of many women, there is a predominance of masculine qualities (energy yang) or, on the contrary, there are men who have an excess of feminine (yin) energy. Do not forget about it when choosing the significator. Although this is more the exception to the rule, it can help you out in certain situations.

If you decide to use figure cards of Major Arcana, then you will need to choose by the following analogy:

  • the card of the Jester - will indicate an adult person who is a child in the soul;
  • Maga's card is a strong-willed person with an active lifestyle;
  • Priestess card - corresponds to a reasonable woman;
  • Empress card - indicates mother, wife, relative;
  • Emperor's card - indicates the father, the chief, a person with authority;
  • The Hierophant's card is a parent, a mentor, one to be relied upon;
  • The hermit card is associated with the forefather (in the sense of the ancestor), a lonely old man.

If the choice of the significator takes place based on the specific situation, then you can use the general meaning of the arcana:

  • Cards of the Beloved, twos of junior Arcana - they talk about some choice;
  • Arcana Chariot, Six of Wands - promise a trip, the path to victory;
  • Justice card - the sentence is pronounced, the difficult situation is solved;
  • Fortune, Death cards - foreshadow the beginning of serious life changes, but in an unknown direction;
  • Towers and the Devil - point to various life shocks.

The second way - on the issue

In this case, you will need to formulate a question and select a map that matches its subject. For example, if your question concerns a car or a trip, the Chariot card is chosen, if you have problems with a child, select the Jester card and so on.

Also choosing a significator from the Major Arcana, you can take the following calculation:

  • Map Maga - tells about the subject of health;
  • The High Priestess is used if you are tormented by some kind of secret;
  • Beloved - when you are in a situation of choice;
  • Chariot - shed light on matters relating to travel and travel;
  • Justice - it is chosen when the question concerns a legal topic or is too diverse;
  • The hermit - the area of ​​self-knowledge, personal sphere;
  • Wheel of Fortune - will tell about luck;
  • The hanged man is all that relates to sacrifice (for example, if a person is constantly being robbed or deceived);
  • Death - questions about serious life shocks;
  • Moderation is a compromise situation;
  • Devil - is used for negative situations;
  • Tower - situations that go out of control when a person is faced with a complete collapse, uncertainty;
  • Star - suitable for questions of hope, help and desires;
  • The moon is what remains hidden from prying eyes, but it affects your life, the map will tell you about the areas of our delusion, when we do not notice the obvious things.

The third way is random

In this case, you do not need to choose the significator in advance. When a guessing person comes to you with a question, you will need to concentrate on his problem or think about what kind of person he really is. After that, they pull out one card and turn to its interpretation.

When fortune telling, it is recommended to use different methods from time to time, taking into account the specific situation and your personal feelings.

We can also offer you the following video about significators:

When you choose a map-pointer, you are more tuned to the alignment, imbued with it, which increases the results of divination.

If you trust the choice of the significator to the person himself, then you will be able to discover a lot of information about him: what social stratum he belongs to, what Element protects him, what feelings he is now overflowing with, what worries him, what his main goals in life and much more .

In the case when the pointer is chosen at random, you will be able to recognize a person’s thoughts, features of his character, which he can carefully hide from others, how he really relates to his problem, and not what he tells you. After all, it often happens that a person is afraid to admit to himself something, not to mention others, and this is what the signification card will tell you about it.