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What features does the Egyptian Tarot have?


Egyptian tarot has a mystical origin. This deck of cards today is actively used by modern esoterics, and it came to us from the time of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Today we will tell you about the most mysterious Tarot deck in detail in this article.

Egypt is one of the first states to inherit the secret knowledge of the inhabitants of the legendary Atlantis even before it went under water.

The first sources of the Egyptian tarot are found on various frescoes: they are decorated with ancient temples, they are depicted on gold plates and carry encrypted information.

There is a legend that in Egypt there was a temple consisting of twenty two rooms, the walls of each room were painted with mystical images. They were the basis for the creation of the Great Arcana of the Tarot (their number is also equal to twenty-two).

According to another legend, the origin of the Tarot is associated with the Egyptian book of hieroglyphs "Book of Thoth". It was created by the priests on the basis of secret knowledge received by people from God of wisdom and the letter of Thoth.

Over time, medals were used as carriers, later they were replaced with metal plates, then leather plates and, finally, paper ones (this is already the modern version of the cards). Now as a material for tarot cards take cardboard, in some cases it is additionally laminated.

  1. The first deck of cards was created by Papus, a scientist, esotericist and author of a huge number of books (his Practical Magic became especially popular). He gave his preference to the Egyptian version of the origin of the Tarot cards.

In 1909, Papus published his deck of cards, they were black and white and were attached to the edition of the Predictive Tarot. Artist Gabriel Gulin worked on the design of maps. And only by the 80s of the 20th century a color version of the Egyptian Taro Papus was published.

How does the Papus deck differ from the standard version? The Jester card does not have a number, but it is also located between the Court and the World map. No drawing of the Junior Arcana, as it should be according to the rules of the authors of the French school. The Priestess card represents the Egyptian goddess Isis.

  1. Taro Torah - it was created by the esoteric from Russia, Viktor Khorkov and Alexander Klyuev, and published in 2002. In the process of creating a deck, the authors tried to fill the cards with a new value. Use Tarot Tot is better for those who already get along well with cards. Along with the deck is sold edition, which reveals the various secrets of fortune-telling on the Egyptian lasso.

Cards in this deck have no names - this, according to the authors, makes a guessing person concentrate as much as possible on visual images.

  1. Italian publishing house Lo Scarabeo also produces tarot cards, it offers several varieties of Egyptian tarot at once. While developing these decks, various finds made during the excavations and all the information about this state that is currently known were taken into account.

The publisher has released 5 decks, each has its own characteristics. For example, Cleopatra's Tarot has no matches in any of the Tarot schools. Cards from Lo Scarabeo are very popular.

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Most of the decks of the Egyptian Tarot retain the same sequence of cards, as in the traditional version. It can be quite difficult for a beginner to understand what each of the Egyptian arcana means, so we suggest that you read this interpretation further in the article.

  • Fool - a person is inclined to perform rash actions, wasting his energy in vain. Too dependent on carnal desires, he has a weak will, different windiness, naivety and stupidity. If we talk about a love theme, here the appearance of the Fool's card indicates a free relationship, non-binding. A person has little experience, he is not a good professional. The card advises not to be afraid of change and boldly move forward. And in the inverted position promises a trip, a change of scenery, indicating instability.
  • Magician - Indicates a strong will and good wit. A man knows how to control himself and creates his own future, he is not amenable to someone else's influence. May practice magic. In the personal sphere, the lasso indicates a willingness to take the first step, to interest. The questioner has high professionalism in work. The recommendation of the card is to always act independently. In the inverted position, the lasso speaks of cunning and manipulation.
  • Papessa - is a symbol of learning, comprehension of the mysteries of the universe. A person is easily reconciled to various events in life, the card indicates the ability of the healer. In the sphere of relationships, it means a strong bond between partners. In his career - healing, occult science, the use of his intuition. Recommendation card - listen to your second "I", do not rush, improve yourself. In reverse position points to riddles.
  • The Empress - the lasso of fertility, abundance, gaining support, life energy, various ideas. Indicates the power of the fair sex. In love speaks about passion, occasionally about pregnancy. In a career - things will go well. The recommendation of the arcana is to maintain a positive mindset, to engage in the implementation of the plan. In the reverse position he will talk about care, harmony, generosity (sometimes indicates a female relative).
  • The emperor - a responsible person who controls the situation, has a good reputation. Ideas are easily realized in life. In personal life - a serious relationship. In a career - indicates the position of the head. Recommendation - secure a safe future for yourself. In the reverse position - manifestations of tyranny, cruelty.
  • Hierophant - a map of duty and tradition, the advice of wise teachers. In the sphere of relations, the lasso will point out good friendly relations, stability. In a career - learn from the mistakes of others. Recommendation Hierophant - adhere to moral principles and traditions, if you do not know what to do - ask for help from a wise mentor. In the opposite position - exaggerating its importance.
  • Lovers - a map of love, rapprochement, strengthening ties, responsibility, decision-making. In love - indicates passion, affection for a partner. In the field of career, it says that it is important to work in a team and trust your partners. Arcana recommendation - follow intuition, act together. In an inverted position - you find it difficult to make decisions, suffer from contradictions.
  • Chariot - thanks to courage and perseverance, you will move forward, the map indicates luck traveling, setting new relationships. In a career - you can move up the career ladder. Recommendation card - you need to act, but not to violate the boundaries of permissible In the reverse position, the card indicates composure, strong will, the mind controls emotions.
  • Justice - get what you deserve, the card says about legal activity, compliance with the law. In love - marriage, mutual respect. In a career - an opportunity to solve a difficult issue, the lasso of professionalism. Recommendation - feel free to enter into contracts and sign contracts. In the reverse position, it testifies to the truth, not a prejudice, the disclosure of riddles
  • Hermit - own opinion, the presence of internal strength, caution and prudence, healing abilities. In love - speaks of maturity and wisdom, your chosen one has a deep inner world. In a career - persistent search for the right. Recommendation - you need to be alone with yourself to understand what you really want. In the reverse position, she speaks of isolation, retreat, immersion inside herself.
  • Wheel of Fate - lasso of new opportunities, success. In love - trust fate now. In a career - you will be promoted, making a profit. Recommendation - start a new business, but proceed with caution. In the reverse position - speaks of failures, negative changes in life.
  • Strength - a lasso of stamina, physical, spiritual and moral, control of emotions, faith in one's own strength. In love, one of the partners is smarter than the other; the sexual component takes a large place. In a career - indicates a hardworking person, now you can take risks. The recommendation is to believe in yourself, to be aware of your problems that prevent you from reaching your goal. The reverse position suggests the need to endure, humble and wait.
  • Hanged - a card of self-sacrifice, redemption of the debt. To achieve goals you need to sacrifice something. In love, you must give up your desires to get out of a difficult situation. In a career - review the situation, it is worth making a pause. Recommendation - stop and think about the situation. In the reverse position, he speaks of enlightenment, the awareness of his mistakes, the abandonment of old installations.
  • Death - A certain cycle has ended and a new one begins, your horizon expands. In love - a break in relationships, change. In a career - get rid of unnecessary projects. Recommendation - fight the stagnation in your life, give up all that is outdated. In the reverse position, the value is the same.
  • Moderation - it is necessary to establish the optimal line of conduct, to cope with contradictions, to find a compromise, the lasso of the peacemaker and the healer. In a career - indicates calm, building plans. In love - harmony and poise. Card recommendation - refuse hasty decisions, strive for harmony. In the reverse position indicates adaptation to new circumstances.
  • Devil - The card of temptations, indicates the passion and obsession, manipulation, dependence (from alcohol, drugs, sex). In love - tells about a strong attachment, marriage of convenience. In a career - you are fixated on money. Arkan recommends starting the awakening of bright feelings and emotions. In the reverse position - you indulge your desires, excitement.
  • Tower - the change of the usual life, you lose everything that is significant to you, the lasso indicates a catastrophe, an accident, the threat of falls. In love, it speaks of serious trials, the breaking of old bonds. In a career - leaving work, stressful situations, loss of reputation. Recommendation of this card - if you want to get a new one, get rid of the old one. In the reverse position testifies to the devastation, crisis, guilt.
  • Star - the lasso of hope, new goals and desires, the beginning of the movement towards your goal, faith in your own abilities, help from others. In the love sphere, he speaks of a meeting that you have been waiting for a very long time, a romance, a new relationship. In a career - a job change, promotion, success. Recommendation - you need to go to your goals, use new opportunities, trust your intuition. The reverse position of the arcana demonstrates inspiration, creative energy, healer's abilities, happiness and optimism.
  • Moon - the map of deception, fear, mind and emotions are combined, not enough information, jealousy and jealousy, the presence of psychological disorders. In love - you are engaged in self-deception, you do not see the obvious. In a career card of the moon speaks of covert actions, dishonesty. Arkan is recommended to be careful, filter the information that comes to you, relieve stress with creativity. Reverse position - a good fantasy, adventure, extrasensory abilities.
  • The sun - a map of prosperity, success, happy events, realization of desire, elimination of difficulties, the birth of a child. In the love sphere he says that the partners understand each other well, love reigns between them, a very strong bond. In a career - you will be able to overcome any difficulties, cope with any new projects. Arkan advises to be open, act generously, believe in yourself and enjoy life. In reverse position indicates self-realization, creative energy.
  • Court - the lasso of rebirth, truce, positive changes, the normalization of the energy balance, the beginning of a new life. In the love sphere speaks of forgiveness, updates. In your career, you will face changes, get rid of the old negativity. The recommendation of the lasso - do not need to be afraid of changes, feel free to realize your dreams in life. Arkan in reverse position indicates redemption, return to something old, starting point, repentance.
  • World - the lasso of communication, association, introspection and mutual understanding, receiving a reward for their work, often denotes a trip. In the love sphere, evidence of harmony and reconciliation. In a career - financial well-being, fame, doing what you like. Recommendation - use the advice of a wise person, harmonize your thoughts and overestimate what is happening in your life. The reverse position of the card indicates a happy completion of work, long-awaited harmony, relaxation, mental and physical.

Having penetrated with the magic of the Egyptian tarot cards and having mastered all the secrets of using them, you will be able to lift the veil of secrecy - what the near future is preparing for you.