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How to change your life using numerology


Numerology is a very ancient and interesting science that has always aroused interest among lovers of the occult. Many do not know, but numerology is the real magic of numbers, it helps to influence the events happening around you. If you want to know how it works - read on.

Numerology is an esoteric belief system that all numbers and numbers are closely related to human life and have a strong influence on it. To put it more clearly, then numerology is the doctrine of the effect of numbers on a person's fate. Numerology is in the top four of the main esoteric teachings (astrology, palmistry and tarot divination are located next to it).

We may not be aware of this report, but our whole life is surrounded by numbers. With their help, you can measure anything you want — the date of your birth, the parameters of your body, your wages, today, your bank account number — you can continue indefinitely. Regardless of our desire, numerology has managed to firmly penetrate into our life and manifested itself in many of its aspects.

The basic principle on which numerology works - any multi-digit number can be reduced to a single digit (that is, to a simple number from one to nine). Each of the primes has its occult characteristics that have a significant impact on a person’s life.
It turns out that each single-digit number fixes specific properties, has its own image and concepts. And since the letters of the alphabet are also expressed using numbers and have their own sequence number, it turns out that absolutely any words can be calculated on a par with numbers.

Numerology, on a par with astrology, helps a person to learn the features of his character, his hidden talents, talks about strengths and weaknesses. It also allows you to open the curtain of the future and find the right time when the decisions made and the actions performed bring the most pronounced result.

Also, using numerology, you can choose for yourself a suitable partner - for business or personal life (this is a separate part of numerology, which is called compatibility numerology).

Did you know that numerology not only provides information about a specific object, but also allows you to significantly change our lives? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the basic actions that numerology will easily resolve if necessary.

Acceleration or deceleration of processes

If you want to bring some event of your life closer (for example, get paid a salary, vacation, and come to an important business meeting on time) - keep the number twenty in your head.

In this case, the number “two” will multiply the effort you put in, and “zero” will eliminate the opposition.

If the situation is just the opposite, and you want to slow down the onset of an event, then you need to repeat the number four. The four is a square of twos and is the most stable figure. It contributes to slowing down the action, their ottyagivanie And besides this, the square has the same sides - and therefore, corresponds to the principle of stability and deceleration.

Adding or subtracting something

Strive to increase something in your life (for example, income level, number of friends or fans, and so on), then you should regularly visualize the following formula: "seven plus one".

  • seven personifies energy, action;
  • and the eight resulting from the addition is a symbol of infinity.

If you want to know more information about the magic of numbers - see the following video clip

Harmony and destruction

Is there a moment in your life when you need to rebuild a relationship with someone? Then in your thoughts as often as possible, hold the phrase "forty forty". This expression is magical; it was invented by our distant ancestors and was actively used by them to achieve similar goals.

Regularly repeating this phrase, you will be able to multiply many things in your life and you will not even have time to look back, as the broken relationships will be restored.

On the contrary, seek to destroy something you annoying? Then visualize as clearly as possible what you want to get rid of and silently say forty-four. The forty and the four are very similar to lightning strikes. And according to the laws of numerology, when one square is superimposed on another - any stability is destroyed, because in this case the number of corners is already eight.

Ancient science will also help attract unlimited happiness to your life. To do this you will need to visualize the number "twenty one". Why him? If you, according to the principles of numerology, decompose the word "happiness", then as a result you will receive exactly this number (if you make addition of letters according to digital calculus).

Are you always late somewhere and feel an acute lack of time? It is necessary to mentally pronounce the number "ninety one" to yourself.

  • nine - indicates a change;
  • the unit is the fastest of all the other digits.

Also, the unit symbolizes the beginning of any events, and the nine stands for their end, that is, completely covers the entire digital cycle.

That is why in magic quite often the number 911 is used, which provides communication with the Higher forces and helps to direct life in the right direction.

The magic of numbers is very effective and most importantly - it is available to each of us. Knowledge of the magical action of a particular figure will help you make positive changes in your life and manage the processes that take place in it.