Dream interpretation

10 lunar day - features and characteristics


10 lunar day is ideal for undertakings, planning, setting goals, as well as for active communication with people. You can start whatever you want - any project in the future will bring good luck.

General characteristics of the 10 lunar day

Recommendations and characteristics of the day:

  1. The 10 day key word is creation. And if your actions are directed at this, luck will come to you every minute. You will feel the state of creativity, flow and inspiration, when everything is easy and effortless.
  2. This time, friendly people, always ready to help. Friendliness and openness of others may surprise you great if you do not know about the features of the tenth lunar day. But it is better not to be surprised, but to use this opportunity to achieve your own goals.
  3. You can easily make a new acquaintance, and it does not matter what kind of communication you want. You can find a new friend or business partner, as well as a lover or future husband. Choose only you - think about what people are missing in your life and make yourself an acquaintance.
  4. On the 10th day a portal opens up, through which you can get secret knowledge from a source. And it happens completely unconsciously. You may have some kind of sudden insight, the voice of intuition sharpens, you notice all sorts of signs of the Universe, or you are very aware of how to solve an important problem.
  5. It is on this day that it is quite possible to find your meaning in life and choose the path, following which, you will find your purpose and place in this world.
  6. And such insights occur more often near the source of water. Therefore, any meditation near a lake, sea, ocean, river or spring will be very effective in terms of self-knowledge and spiritual development.
  7. This day is also suitable for rest, but only for the active one - it is better not to rest on the sofa.
  8. It is also a period of family and clan, interaction with relatives, acceptance and forgiveness of parents. This can be worked out both in the physical world - communicating with relatives and frankly speaking with them, and in the spiritual world - doing generic practices and meditations.

Opinion astrologers: 10th day - this is the day when it is quite possible to win the lottery. Do not be lazy to buy a ticket, if you are lucky? The concentration of luck is so great that you can easily fulfill any of your cherished desire.

Love, relationship, marriage

This day is ideal for dating, both romantic and friendly. Communication with the opposite sex will bring only pleasure and positive emotions. Especially well able to contact with long-familiar people, these ties can be strengthened even more.

Try to pay attention to your loved one, take care of him, spend more time together. Arrange a date in nature, the best - at the water. But you should not stay near the TV screen and at home on the couch.

On this lunar day, you can easily make peace with a person with whom you have long been in a quarrel. Also, this day is favorable for registration of relations in the registry office. Such marriages will be long and happy, and children will be easy to have if desired.


Go to the bath or sauna, it will well affect your well-being and mood. Try to drink plenty of fluids - water or herbal teas, natural freshly squeezed juices.

What is not recommended is to sit at home passively, watching TV shows on the TV screen. Active rest, moderate physical exertion, or at least an easy walk - that's what you should do.

Elbows, chest and spine may be at risk - these are the most vulnerable parts of the body on this day. If you feel bad or sick, then this is most likely a consequence of a past lifestyle.

At the slightest signs of indisposition, it should be treated as soon as possible so that the disease does not enter its more serious phase, and everything ended well. In addition to the means of official medicine, use in the treatment of water, consecrated in the church - it will have a special power.

Business, work, money

10 lunar days are favorable for teamwork. At work, a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere will reign, colleagues will eagerly offer assistance. Thanks to such sentiments, working cases that depend on team effort will be carried out faster than usual.

People have a lot of energy on this day, so they gladly work, losing track of time. For managers and entrepreneurs who have a staff of subordinates, this is a very good day. Assign as many tasks to the workers as possible, and they will gladly carry out them, qualitatively and quickly.

On the tenth day, you can ask for a promotion, a salary increase, and you should use all the opportunities that will lead you to professional success. So do not extinguish, but rather catch luck and act.

During this period, you can easily solve the financial problems associated with family matters. You can expect to receive into the account large sums of money out of your plan, lucrative offers and other bonuses that somehow relate to money.

This is a very favorable period for setting financial long-term goals, starting some promising projects, setting up a business and any bureaucratic work.

A good day for any real estate transactions, construction-related operations. You can also invest and get a good profit from this in the long run.

Astrologer's advice: if your business needs advertising, make sure that it comes out exactly on the tenth lunar day. It will bring you many new customers.

Haircut, coloring, manicure

It is not recommended to cut hair on this day, so it is better to leave hairdressers out of work. In extreme cases, cut hair should be taken with you, burned at home or thrown away.

But it is possible and even necessary to dye your hair, especially if it is a radical change of image. Here, as in a joke - I decided to change my life, start with a haircut. It is advisable to use natural and natural dyes, but this is not necessary.

For manicure auspicious day. Just do not choose too long nails, it is better to remove the length and make a pretty feminine design without aggressive shades.


If you managed to remember the dream, then carefully consider the signs that you received. They can tell about the coming trouble, but you can easily avoid it if you decipher a dream and understand how to act for a favorable outcome.

Most often, dreams on the 10th lunar day are very pleasant, full of bright colors and positive emotions. When a person wakes up, he feels full of energy, rested and even happy.

A member of your kin who is a keeper may dream. If this happens, try to remember what he tells you - it will be a very important message.

Ritual for 10 lunar day

There is no special ritual for the tenth lunar day. But there are spiritual practices that will bring good results for self-knowledge and development.

For example:

  • Meditations near the water or plots on the water. You can program yourself this way for anything from wealth to wish fulfillment.
  • Any practice related to the development of the tribal system, relationships with parents and so on.
  • Also special will be the power of visualization to fulfill your desires.

For the gardener and the gardener

This is an auspicious day for plant care. If you plant seeds in the ground, they will give a good harvest. Any fertilizer will have a stronger beneficial effect than usual.

Plants will intensively absorb moisture from the soil, so do not forget to water them well.


10 lunar day - a time of incredible luck and the day when you need to build relationships with relatives.