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Lunar calendar for October 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days


Why use the lunar calendar? Because thanks to him, you will better understand why in one day all events develop easily and favorably, while in others you are haunted by problems and failures. Much depends on the phase of the lunar disk, as well as the zodiacal constellation in which the moon resides.

In general, the topic is incredibly exciting and interesting. I suggest you in this material to delve into it a little more, familiarizing yourself with the lunar calendar for October 2019: the phases of the moon and favorable days.

What trends will be held in October 2019: a review of lunar days

1 number

3-4 days of the cycle of the moon, it grows. Today you should not waste your time on trifles, but it is necessary to focus on your goals. The only way to really get a positive result. You will have many new ideas, as well as a pleasant and useful dating.

2 number

4-5 days. This lunar day is ideal for paying off your debts. Therefore, if you once lent finances - be sure to return them today. Wellness exercises are also shown.

3 number

5-6 days. Day not work, and rest. Take now a mini-vacation, turn off your mobile phone and enjoy every second of your life!

4 number

6-7 days. Day suitable for serious business and long trips. Do not miss the opportunity to start on this day new things, as he is incredibly successful for beginnings. Also carefully analyze incoming information from outside.

5 number

7-8 days. The number is more suitable for being alone and concentrating on your life. Take care today of self-knowledge, find an internal compromise and state of harmony. It is also desirable to clear your physical and spiritual shells.

6 number

8-9 days. Similar to the previous day, now it is also best to be alone with yourself. Be prudent and rational, try to better know your personality. But do not act fussily, do not waste precious vital forces in vain.

7 number

9-10 days of the lunar calendar. The moon continues to grow. Today you may be subjected to false deception by your merits: the signs of vanity and pride are not excluded. Astrologers are not advised to get involved in risky cases on this day. Also banned vigorous activity. The most correct time now is to rest, relax and perform meditative practices.

8 number

10-11 days. Pay close attention to your diet: eliminate everything fried, spicy and fatty from it. Chronic pathologies may arise or new ones may arise. At least temporarily stick to a diet. It will help you to accomplish 2 goals at once: to adjust your state of health and bring the body back to normal.

9 number

11-12 days. The number is not acceptable for significant undertakings. Today it is shown to give out debts, to fulfill the promises made earlier, especially to kids. It is advisable not to visit large stores and not to be in crowded places. In addition, control your thoughts, forgive those who offended you.

10 number

12-13 days. It is impossible today to show destructive emotions. Better light a candle, close your eyes and visualize a picture of your happy future.

11 number

13-14 days of the lunar calendar. Today we will have to work on ourselves, trying to understand ourselves better and develop the skills of humility. Give up the manifestations of lies, gossip, do not rush and do not judge strictly about other people. But start to move towards your goal. Communication with people close to you spiritually and energetically will affect you very positively.

12 number

14-15 days. Astrologers do not advise over-exertion and fuss on this day. With such an opportunity, it is worth relaxing and spending time in nature’s lap. Make a plan for your actions today: what was invented now promises to become real soon.

13 number

15-16 days. The task of the day is to learn to control the manifestations of one’s aggression and irritation. Even in the case when you are right, be able to give in. In other senses, the number will be neutral. You can do whatever you want, neither serious victories nor significant defeats are foreseen. In some places you can even get bored.

14 number

16-17 days. Full moon in Aries sign. Day trampling in one place. But do not be sad - there are always good and bad days. Just change your point of view, thinking that you can do more enjoyable and useful activities, if you can not do things. Go for a walk and invite friends.

15 number

17-18 days. The moon begins to shrink. Your interest in various topics of life will give many new opportunities and suggestions that will help in the future to succeed. Remember that work should be only in joy, so go for it!

16 number

18-19 days Show enough faith in yourself and decide without much thought, because otherwise other people can take advantage of your merits. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others, not discard the wisdom of the older generation and always follow the call of your heart. In this case, the situation will develop as well as possible.

17 number

19-20 days. If you can’t get together on that day, things literally fall out of your hands - this is a clear indication from above about the need for change. This means not external circumstances, but your person personally. It is worth today to listen to criticism: it will help to truly assess yourself.

18 number

20-21 days. The day is favorable for relaxation. Well, if you spend it in nature. It is still useful to interact with information flows and listen to your inner self. Try not to rush, talk less, but listen more.

19 number

21-22 numbers. Time is good to communicate, establish new contacts and contacts, meet. The distinctive trends of the day are generosity and mercy. If possible, it is worth helping those in need, when you need it, you will also receive support.

20 number

22-23 days of the lunar cycle. Unfavorable for new beginnings. It is shown to hand out debts and fulfill the promise. If there is such an opportunity - do not go to the big supermarkets today, and in principle, try to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

21 number

23-24 days. Communicate, meet, but do not go on a trip or a trip. And do not engage in real estate transactions. Ideal today, visit the bathhouse, sauna, beauty studio and visits to the beautician.

22 number

24-25 days. The number is different emotional instability. Use caution and do not act impulsively. Increased risk of conflict situations, to avoid them - go to the gym for training. Also take care of yourself from excesses and take tight control of your emotions with desires.

23 number

25 lunar day. The time is suitable for the start of a course of exercise or a new diet. It will be easy for you to achieve a positive result, and very soon the reflection in the mirror will delight you.

24 number

25-26 days. The opposite sex decides to give you a million compliments today. Do not give in to flattering speeches: they can carry you into the abyss of passion, however, later on you risk greatly repent of your deed.

25 number

26-27 numbers. The romantic tendency of the past day continues: now there is a high probability of easy flirting and the establishment of a new affair. Keep your head cold, control the situation so that you do not cry bitterly.

26 number

27-28 days. The day is perfect for marriage. Married today all their lives will be happy, their boat of love will not break on the cruel life of the envy of others. Even in this day you can do various studies, preferably alone.

27 number

28-29 days of the cycle. The day of opportunities comes, start to realize your old dreams in life. Are you creative? Then today with high probability you will catch a wave of inspiration. Apply it well. Day good for the beginning of a new relationship.

28 number

1-2 days New Moon in the constellation Scorpio. Build now material plans, having planned your future for the next thirty calendar days. In principle, it is permissible to do on this date everything that will help improve your financial condition.

29 number

2-3 days The moon begins to grow. Success awaits that in the field of career that personal relationship. Astrologers recommend to return to the events of the past, to analyze them in order to detect omissions in their actions. Suddenly you will be lucky and you will determine how to solve the problem in an easier way.

30 number

3-4 days. Try to master a new sphere of life, most likely, you will find yourself a new hobby. Recall that needlework has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system, and also develops a valuable skill - patience, which is necessary in solving any difficulties in life.

31 number

4-5 days of the cycle. The moon continues to increase in the constellation Sagittarius. Stars are advised to show prudence on this day, caution, and also to make concessions if the situation demands it. From the bottom of my heart, forgive everyone who caused (or still causes) evil to you - this is how you only win over Mrs. Fortuna.

Make your plans for the month, taking into account the lunar calendar, then you will significantly increase the success of all planned activities.

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