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When to swim for baptism in 2019 and where did the tradition come from: the history and stages of the ritual


The main holidays of Christians in a row - 12, they include the baptism of the Lord. Not only the baptism of Christ, but also the day of his birth is celebrated. In the ensuing 2019, the baptism of Orthodox Christians is celebrated on January 19, that is, the date remains the same, as in all past years. Begins starting from January 18 (Christmas Eve).

Before the strict fasting, the baptism of the Lord is the last holiday. They end Christmas Eve. In the evenings, at all times, people set the table for the whole family and guests. Meals should be only lean. Later on, a festive service was held in the churches, after which the Orthodox gathered water. It is believed that it is special. That is why bathing for baptism has become a tradition that many adhere to.

When to celebrate baptism in 2019

This holiday of Christians refers to the so-called fixed (mine), that is, it is strictly tied to a specific date. In addition, he belongs to the group of "Twelve Great" (most important), is included in the 12 main Christian celebrations. Baptism is celebrated in 2019 on January 19th, bathing is also held on this day.

How to spend the day baptism without error

What does the verb baptize mean? Literal translation from the Greek. language - "immersed in water." Directly linked to the time of the baptism of Christ himself. Sanctifying himself, his body, flesh, the son of God made holy and water, where he plunged. Since then, the ritual went when the believers, no matter in which state, like Jesus, bathe in water, at baptism or during the feast. It is believed that a person is purified spiritually, getting rid of sins, the holy water takes them away.

It is very difficult to plunge into the icy water surface and not everyone is able to pass this test. In addition, just a dip - a little, but this will be discussed later. However, everyone takes water, even those. who tries to explain her healing with scientific facts. On the eve of all Orthodox churches and temples is Chin Water consecration. After 24.00. people along with the clergy go to the prepared reservoir, where it is consecrated and there is a mass bathing. Dip should be 3 times.

After the evening worship, parishioners can take the shrine, if it is not possible to go to the temple, they collect houses, but strictly from 00.00 to 00.10. It is better not to be lazy and still visit the church, home water from the tap is already in an extreme case, and it is desirable to observe the time, which is not done by everyone. We must not just hurry to fill our vessel, but first read the prayer. Respect for the ceremony must be shown. Glass container is suitable for storage.

What will be right to do on the Epiphany holiday

This day is 19.01. obliges Christians to perform the following actions for their own good:

  • holy water to walk and sprinkle the house, especially the corners;
  • give some water to all birds and animals living with a person;
  • water the available indoor plants;
  • most drink 3 sips and, depicting crosses on the body, wash;
  • Do not refuse to ask for help;
  • give alms
  • try to celebrate with loved ones;
  • dishes should be less than 12 by type and odd (on Christmas Eve).

Bans on baptism

On this Christian holiday, all important things should be postponed, only that which is essential is to be carried out. Feeding animals, for example, or activities related to food. It is better to have fun from the heart. Prohibited:

  1. sew, embroider, knit,
  2. get a haircut
  3. quarrel and fights,
  4. think of the bad
  5. to gossip,
  6. grumble at fate,
  7. drink alcohol before and after bathing.

Main traditions of celebration

Bathing in various reservoirs is among the inalienable Epiphany traditions. Well, if they are natural. Although it is believed that any water for this holiday is holy, that not everyone is supported, it is better if the priest performs the rite over it. After him she will be life-giving. The bathing itself should also take place after the prayer. If there is a desire to cook food on holy water, then it should be taken only in the temple.

Traditional bathing since the early years of the emergence of Christianity in Russia was associated with severe frosts. Usually by this time all the rivers and ponds are encased in ice. In it, and cut through the place for immersion in water. This hole is called "Jordan." Everyone who actively had fun at Christmas time will become pure from sins in it. Others go there to receive blessings.

Who had to plunge into the baptismal water? This is the one who wondered, girls on the issue, caroling from house to house. The house for the holiday should be clean and bright. According to legend, any dirt, whether dust or cobwebs, will become a refuge for evil spirits. In order to protect against it, there was little cleaning, it was necessary to put crosses above the entrance and windows the day before.

Epiphany bathing - the subtleties of ritual

Everyone has long known that bathing at Baptism is a tradition dating back to antiquity. Such a washing of the body tempers the spirit and heals the body. However, one must be very careful. Not everyone is allowed to dive into Jordan, there are reasons for that. It is also important to know the rules. One of them: Epiphany bathing is allowed only on the night from the 18th to the 19th. You can dive into the water in the morning before the worship service ends.

If a person has never engaged in winter swimming, but decided to swim in the hole, he should train his body a little. In advance, for 5 days, all citruses and sun are excluded from the meal. where there is a lot of vitamin C. Every day it is necessary to carry out a cold douche or a contrast shower. Buy clothes that will dive and change. It will also require a good large towel and rug. During bathing in women and girls the body should be covered as much as possible, so it is best to dive in a cotton shirt. It is believed that it can then be treated by wiping during the illness.

Before bathing an hour for two worth a good meal. Before diving, you must move vigorously, then without sudden movements, without haste to enter the water, stay there for about half a minute and, having wiped properly, warm yourself with hot tea.

Who is forbidden to swim

No one is surprised when they see that babies are dipped into the ice hole with the baptismal water. if the child is not yet 3 years old, this can not be done. There is a risk of death of the baby. He can be very scared, which will have a negative impact on further development. It is forbidden to dive into the icy water of any chronically ill people, or those who have recently undergone an operation. You can not enter the hole in women who have critical days.


Baptism is one of the significant church holidays.