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Horoscope for Virgo on January 2019 - what will be the relationship


I study in detail the life of people under the sign of Virgo and make forecasts for them by months. I want to say that in the new year the stars promise this sign only positive emotions and a sea of ​​opportunities to change life for the better. Now I will present a detailed horoscope for Virgo for January 2019. Immediately, I note that it will be very favorable, as the Yellow Pig protects this sign.

General horoscope

The main feature of Virgos' character is that they tend to dwell on problems. Because of this, their emotional state is extremely unstable. In addition, such cycling is often the cause of poor health, because Virgos are very sensitive to any manifestations of negative.

It's time to expand the boundaries of their own interests. Astrologers recommend sign representatives to consider enrolling in training courses or starting to attend sports clubs. In addition, new hobbies can be associated with needlework, art. Because this will have a beneficial effect on the lives of the emotional Virgos, allowing them to make new interesting acquaintances.

January 6 should refrain from making any serious and important decisions, since this day is considered extremely unfavorable. And therefore it is better to postpone for later any financial transactions or the conclusion of the transaction. Fateful decisions are not recommended either. After all, luck on this day is guaranteed to turn away from the Devs, and they risk staying at the broken trough, not having received absolutely nothing.

Important Virgo Tips for a Successful January:

  1. The main recommendation of astrologers for Virgins is to learn self-control. As you know, people born under this sign are characterized by strong emotionality. They are accustomed to react violently to both positive and negative aspects of life. Often they arrange scenes of jealousy for their second half, like to play on nerves and prefer to think that others are to blame for their troubles. In the new year, you must try to take control of absolutely all emotions. Because such emotion can play a cruel joke with Virgins. This is especially important for family Virgins.
  2. The desire to say it all to a person is another Dev problem. They try not to save indignation in themselves and immediately express discontent. And it cannot be said that this is a completely negative trait of their character. After all, it is simply not possible to simply accumulate anger and resentment or behind the eyes of a person. However, in their statements, representatives of the sign are not inclined to choose expressions, therefore they often offend their friends and relatives. It must be remembered that their patience is not rubber. Another thoughtlessly abandoned phrase can completely destroy the relationship. This should be taken into account and always remember that a seemingly innocuous phrase can inflict a strong mental insult. And then it is likely that the relationship with this person will simply become impossible.

Horoscope for women

The beginning of the year may not be too rich in events. However, Virgos do not need to relax. There are various surprises. And not all of them will be pleasant. That is why astrologers recommend that the Virgo show as much restraint as possible and control not only emotions, but also desires. Not for nothing that there is a saying that says that a person should be wary of his own desires, because they tend to come true. But not all that a person wants to receive, as a result, brings him happiness and joy.

January forecast for women:

  • In the coming year, representatives of the sign will have to make a difficult choice. They will have to deal with setting priorities and at the same time reflect on what is more important: relatives or personal ambitions. Indeed, in the end, it is precisely between personal ambitions and the interests of loved ones who will have to choose. It must be remembered that in such a situation it is extremely inappropriate to make impulsive decisions. Because any sphere of life Dev can be in jeopardy. Therefore, every effort should be made to maintain not only good relations with relatives, but also to take into account their ambitions. Of course, finding a solution that will give Virgos such an opportunity will not be easy.
  • Various difficulties should not stop people born under the sign, which the Yellow Pig itself takes care of. Thanks to her patronage, all their serious endeavors will be successful. In addition, any idea will also give the desired results.

Love horoscope for women

Lonely women Dev always attracted men with solid wealth, having an attractive appearance. However, past relationships with such men have always ended not too well. And in the new year the Virgin finally learned a lesson from such relationships.

They realized that these qualities are far from the most important. That is why they began to look more closely at men. However, astrologers strongly recommend Virgos to try to get rid of the obsessive idea of ​​getting married as soon as possible. Do not take a simple courtship for a chance to establish a personal life.

Ladies born under this sign always attracted the opposite sex with their irresistible charisma. That is why they have no end of fans. But, communicating with men, it is necessary to understand that some of them crave simple human communication, which is a bit spiced with flirting. And if such a gentleman begins to exert pressure and try to convince him of the need to build a serious relationship, he will simply run away.

Family Virgo is recommended to reflect on how to bring bright emotions into family life. After all, their marriage has long swallowed up the routine of life. And if you leave everything to chance, it will not lead to anything good. That is why it is so important to remember that life is in the hands of a person, and he can change it, but only if he has this desire.

Financial horoscope for women

Virgos are famous shopaholics. As soon as they have money, they immediately rush to the mall to spend it. For those around you who watch Virgo shopping, it may seem like she was in the store for the first time. More than 50% of the items purchased by Virgin, are completely useless and simply remain lying in the far corner.

The beginning of the year does not promise a serious improvement in the material situation. Therefore, Virgos need to pull themselves together and try to start saving. Indeed, after the end of the winter holidays, the bosses will not rush to give bonuses to employees. And therefore, representatives of the sign will have to make a lot of effort in order to prove that they are worthy of encouragement and even increase.

Horoscope for men

Key recommendations:

  1. Men Virgos will have to sway for a long time before they can begin to perform their regular duties. At the beginning of January, they will need to clearly prioritize and decide what is more important in life. However, astrologers are of the opinion that it is important to find a middle ground on this issue. It is necessary to try to devote time to relatives and the other half while maintaining high productivity at work. It is not easy, but possible.
  2. Because of indecision, Dev will have a lot of problems. Solving them yourself will be very problematic. Since most of them will be associated with an unstable emotional state. Virgo is recommended to think about making an appointment with a psychologist. It will help overcome indecision and tell you exactly how you can learn to control emotions.

Love horoscope for men

Forecast for love relationships:

  1. Those men who have already met their half, risk remaining in splendid isolation. And the reason for this is excessive custody and sexual activity. No wonder Virgo is considered the hottest and most persistent in bed. However, it must be remembered that in a relationship the most important are the emotions that a partner feels.
  2. Bachelor Maidens in the new year can get a chance to find a permanent partner. However, this will be possible only if they can persevere and start a dialogue with the girl who liked. Otherwise, the beautiful lady will get a man who will show enthusiasm and be able to convince her of the seriousness of intentions.
  3. Family Virgo in the new year will be completely absorbed by the idea of ​​returning the peppercorn in a relationship. That's just because of excessive jealousy of their relationship can end sadly. It is extremely important to rely not only on your intuition, but also to be able to listen to your partner. Because, because of her fantasies, Virgos can think of something superfluous.

Financial horoscope

At work in the first half of the month, the Virgin does not expect anything good. The bosses will require the implementation of work standards. And at the same time receive the award will be possible only in February. That is why you need to try to learn how to save.

In addition, in the first half of the month, it is highly recommended not to make any financial investments, since the initiated cases will not be completed successfully. The risk of losing all invested funds is too great.


  1. In the new year Dev is waiting for many surprises. However, not all of them will be pleasant.
  2. The financial well-being of people born under this sign depends directly on whether they learn to save or not.
  3. On the love front of women Dev will be waiting for luck. But in order not to frighten her, you need to try to keep emotions under control and not to show excessive interest. Otherwise, a man who looms on the horizon will simply run away, fearing responsibility.
  4. Male bachelors can also smile good luck, but on condition that they can persevere.
  5. Excessive activity and perseverance must be given up to family Virgos. Because it can cause a divorce.
  6. It is also better to forget about jealousy, because it can provoke a serious conflict with the second half.